12 hour TKD marathon

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    The board seems a little quiet. Last week my club, held a 12 hour training marathon, its actually the second time we have done this and is really popular. The youngest was 5 and the oldest was 62. We started at 12 midday on Saturday with 42 students, and finished at 12 midnight, with 20, some people trained only for a few lessons, others (15) trained for every lesson. The youngest was 7. The instructors took it in turns to provide an interesting schedule from taegueks, self-defence, fighting, basics, massage and stretching, not forgetting a ninja class ( well very loosely, balancing, climbing and throwing) targeting the younger ones. The massage and stretching finished off some of the young ones, who actually fell asleep, and were placed on air beds. I managed to do 9 plus two teaching.

    Have any of you done anyting like that recently or in the past, all I can say is was hard but a lot of fun. The next day proved a real test for us older ones, still being tired and very very, stiff..

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