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    I agree I think it also has to be on your abilities, if you are a youngster, then jump spinning kicks are not really a problem, as you get older you have to (in my case) almost stop the jumping part, as I know my body, the next day its going to be complaining a lot to put it mildly.

    I always thought that the old saying " those who can do, and those who cant teach" was a derogatory term, but as I get older, it isnt. I used to have a Japanese karate instructor, when I was a boy (20 or so) this man must have been 80, he used to hobble around correcting us, he was able to pinpoint what you were doing wrong and how to correct it, within seconds of seeing you. I never saw him fight or do any kick higher than his thigh.
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    Martial arts over 40 is a different animal to under 40.

    That said, there's nothing in the KKW Textbook that isn't achievable to some degree with the right training and lifestyle well into old age.

    The jump, spin, flip, demo stuff is not actually a part of the core syllabus.

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    I find it interesting that Ilyo, the 9th dan Poomsae, features two jumping side kicks, bearing in mind the minimum age requirement for the level. Message: stay fit, train hard and sustainable. Little and often makes progress.

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