A different kind of electronic scoring product

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by John Hulslander, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    This is not an endorsement. I have zero vested interest in the product as is.

    That being said, this seem interesting. The video is clearly a marketing tool and one should take what is said and presented with a grain of salt, but this seems to be a product worth watching at the least.

  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Wow! This brings video games scoring to real world! It's indeed interesting, cut kick won't be overused anymore since power is taken into account as well. This is a much fairer system for all kinds of player, I fully agree with the reasoning in the video. I hope WTF approves it soon.
  3. tubby

    tubby New Member

    just reading your description I was immediately reminded of the original street fighter game where you had massive pressure pads rather than normal buttons, and then they admit the scoring system is from that game too. It mentions kicks to the face will be sored too - some sort of accelerometer in the head gear for that?
    with all this detail in the gear I'd wonder about it's lifespan as its not cheap.. but it does sound simple and fun
  4. Matt

    Matt Member

    ahhhhh I love this. This reminds me of the old style taekwondo. I think it would eliminate the front leg jabbing side kick and move back towards more power on the body which i miss.

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