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Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by AliPat, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. AliPat

    AliPat New Member

    I am now a black belt in Taekwondo! Had a 4 hour grading over 2 training sessions and found out on Friday that I had passed.

    My first grading was in July 2009 so it has taken four years of training, weekly and in the last 6 months twice a week.

    When I started at the age of 42 I went for exercise and stress relief, never thinking I could ever be a black belt so I consider this a major achievement.

    Our club is WTF but we are affiliated to COBRA which is a martial arts association rather than the British Taekwondo Control Board. Some think that BTCB is the only way but since joining my current club 7 months ago I felt I have learnt a lot more. We cover WTF TK, self defense and street defense. At least 30 minutes every session is sparring
  2. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    Congratluation and yes be poud of yourself as many give up and you are continuing to be another great inspiration to others. :)
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  3. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    I was forced to quit training , 4 months short of my second degree in Kuk Sool, in 2001 for private personal reasons. Since an angina/heart attack, at age 44, and stent being put in around Dec 1st, I quit smoking and returned to training around Feb 1st. My dream for 11 years has been to get that second degree black. My master ranking would have been accomplished this past year if I had been able to stick with it for those 11 years. Do not give up and do not let go of any goal you set.
  4. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Well done :)

    I hope to be first dan by the end of the year.
  5. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member


    Do you feel changed?
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  6. Debbie

    Debbie New Member

    Congratulations!!!! Truly an accomplishment of which to be proud!!!
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  7. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    A good Question Mr Hulslander, its amazing how it makes your inner self feel very different and i remember feeling awesome, black belt achieved but now at the beginning again lol....time flies as that was many moons ago now, best stop thinking of those years passing as i just made myself feel old lol bb gained in tkd 19 years ago just over,,,,jeeeeeeeese
  8. AliPat

    AliPat New Member

    Feel relieved that I passed but feel a bit of a fraud. Not that I've done anything wrong but most of the other back belts are better than I am (they are a lot younger!). But this is the beginning of the next part of my journey and I look forward to working towards my 2nd Dan
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  9. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Glad that you are looking at your next step so to say.
    Also nice to see humility in your post, but consider this.

    Not all first dan's are equal. Some may have more physical talent, but there are other important traits. Leadership, understanding of the art, ability to teach and inspire.

    The reason I ask if you feel changed is that I see some students (and yes, we are all still students) change at first dan and some not change too much. The confidence some gain is something to behold.

    Three things to do now. 1. Pat yourself on the back. You achieved a goal you have been working on for years. It is worth a celebration. 2. Look to what you can do and what you have to do to be a model to junior students, and look for help and development from those senior to you. 3. Ask yourself every so often, am I a better practitioner today than I was before?
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  10. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Congratulations AliPat, very happy for you. I am sure you agree all that blood and sweat was well worth it :)
  11. Intercept

    Intercept Member

    Congratulations!!! Awesome!!! What an amazing achievement!
  12. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Dont worry I always feel the same way o_O but we all cant be equal, we have little kids that are black belt but the belt has no meaning for a 10 year old (cant really use the skills against adults)
  13. Brian

    Brian Member

    A late congrats, sir!

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