ACL tear reconstruction. Ouch.

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  1. Hey everyone. I haven't been on here in a while. Just thought I'd share an experience I'm going through

    I tore my ACL in November at a tournament, just throwing a combination and slipping back on my landing leg. Slippage happens all the time but due to refereeing all day and not warming up properly I got what was coming to me.

    The interesting thing is that the pain lasted less than a minute and I probably could have finished the match, but I'm not stupid. I knew something really bad had happened in my knee. But like I said, it wasn't painful for very long and I was able to move normally and even promise spar with the student I was coaching immediately afterward. The next morning it was extremely stiff and swollen and bending my knee was difficult for a few days. I regained full range of motion except hyper-extension even after re-injurring it 2 more times after a month, after that I toned it down to 30% effort. After an MRI, I discovered it was completely torn from the Femur.

    I decided to get reconstructive surgery when light jogging began to give me some pain after a quarter mile. It's been 3 weeks since the surgery, Quadriceps Tendon Auto-graph reconstruction has a 9 month recovery. Let me tell you: Physical Therapy has been one of the most painful experiences I've ever had. Especially bending my knee. Getting it to 90 degrees requires a long excruciating series of repetitions. Going past that seems impossible.

    Now I know why I've heard people say that ACL injuries are one of the worst and most painful, it's got to do with recovery after reconstruction. It's interesting how you have to break something in order to fix it, that is, when it's not working properly. And it no longer amazes me that there are and have been Olympians competing with torn ACL's, PCL's, MCL's.

    Has anyone had an experience with a torn ACL and reconstruction?
  2. John Hulslander

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    Torn ACL yes.
    It is still torn but it happened a long time ago. (1989)

    I have broken 4 bones in my body. One was a major break requiring about a month of traction. I have had to have my head (figures) stitched up countless times in my youth.

    But playing a pickup game of basketball as a 19 year old, I tore my ACL and it was the worst pain I have ever felt. Hurt to move, hurt to be stationary, etc...

    Doc said it was just a partial tear, we immobilized for the summer and re evaluated.
    Since I could walk with minimal pain, surgery was not deemed necessary. Yet.

    So it has been nearly 30 years of therapy type exercises, etc... There is pain when I push it, but it is manageable. Eventually I will have a replacement, but docs say wait until you need it, because they are getting better and better at it.

    I tore my meniscus last year and had that fixed, but it was a simple procedure.

    Now I do TKD and I run. Hope to do my first marathon this year, but we will see. I have run about a half dozen half marathons and log about 1000-1300 miles per year.

    One of my black belts tore his ACL on the Thursday before the US Nationals. He still competed, but he lost his first match, and within a month he had the same surgery you did. (only I think he chose a cadavour for the replacement part)

    Now nearly 2 years later he is ramping up for nationals again this year. The road back has been a difficult one, and the effects of the injury are not completely gone, but he is now better than he was before.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you! Good luck to your black belt at nationals, my goal is to compete in forms at Nationals this year, it feels like I'm a long way off but time will tell. Now I live vicariously through my girlfriend competing.

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