Back into Taekwon-do after a 20 year break

Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Martin Reddan, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Martin Reddan

    Martin Reddan New Member

    Hi everyone, I have finally gotten back into TKD after a 20 year sabbatical (all thanks to my 8 year old son, who's now achieved his 8th Kup).

    The best thing about being back is that I am back training with my original instructor as i didn't my son (hopefully my daughter soon too) to be trained by anybody but him (Po-Eun comes to mind)

    Even though I haven't seriously trained in all that time and the body being less than reluctant, I was surprised at how much of my masters teaching have still stayed with me. I can honestly say it is great being back and I feel like I only left the Dojang yesterday.

    I'm now looking forward to finally reaching my dream of 1st Dan and beyond.
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  2. Martin Reddan

    Martin Reddan New Member

    Oops just noticed a typo........I didn't want my son ( etc
  3. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    Awesome glad to hear a student getting back to training and enjoying the return, keep it up and all the best to you and your son.
  4. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    Good luck!
  5. Martin Reddan

    Martin Reddan New Member

    Thx guys
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  6. Lyric

    Lyric New Member

    I have a very similar story. I just got back into Taekwondo after being out for 17 years last January.
    I too wanted my daughter to have the same instructor as I did. He too just restared teaching after about 10 years out. I am currently a deputy black belt and hope to test for my black belt in or close to December. Good luck and stay healthy
  7. Diamond78

    Diamond78 New Member

    I am originally from the Peoria area - still travel back to visit family!
  8. damotaekwondo

    damotaekwondo New Member

    I went back to training last December after a 12 year gap. Now training with my son with my original instructor. Returning back to training has been amazing and I have definitely got the buzz back I once had for Taekwondo. I am now enjoying watching my 7 year old son train and develop his skills. Good luck with you and your sons training! :)
  9. Devin

    Devin New Member

    This thread is great, I am back as well after a 15 year break, only achieving semi-black prior. My 8 year old daughters just started. I was able to find a local school that my original school competed against back in the day. Both instructors are friends. I also plan on making 1st degree and finishing what I started... Let us keep each other motivated!
  10. Peter

    Peter New Member

    It's really nice to see here more people like myself!

    I train for a year for now (although right now I'm having a break, with my knee injured), having the best time of my life, and it's also all thanks to my kids.

    Just remember, what is good for teens and people in their 20s, might not be quite safe for you, especially if you are 40 and above... extra training that helped my son to win his tournament, caused me an injury... :) so, take it slowly and remember that there is such thing as over-training. ;)
  11. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    My boys did it for me. After finding something for my middle son the other two joined in. So I was sat watching them Then it started I had to sit on my hands. Talking to their teacher he said why didn't I have a go, just take it easy and remember I was not 20 any more. That was after a little over a 10 year break. I love it, I also love training with my children.

  12. damotaekwondo

    damotaekwondo New Member

    I think training along side your kids is the best thing about it, my son passed his yellow belt last week, I was assisting in demonstrating for the grading and it was the proudest moment for me so far since going back to Taekwondo. Seeing his face beaming with pride when being told he passed was awesome. Its inspiring to see him progress and to see how much he has come on in the past year.
  13. bch4mp

    bch4mp New Member

    Awesome to see others get back into TKD.

    As I am myself. Had to quit 4-5 years ago due to a surgery on both my legs/feet.

    It's so great to be back !
  14. Great story and nice to make your acquaintance , I have just had an enforced absense for several years due to injury but agree muscle memory is awsome .

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