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  1. Hi everyone, I started TKD around 2 months ago and have noticed lots of improvement in my flexibility. However, I still find that I struggle with the turning kick. It feels really uncomfortable on my hips and i don't know how to improve it. Has anybody else had a similar experience and overcome this ?

    Also, when doing the straight leg kick (on either side) i feel a "grinding" of bones, feels really uncomfortable... any thoughts?

  2. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Turn the heel of the standing foot toward the target more.

    Concentrate on lifting the kicking hip as you turn the kick in.

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  3. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Active Member

    Turn over properly, perform in a momentum. Do it like a twisting motion with your supporting foot.. If your flexibility does not allow you to kick properly, lean over more to the side when you twist. You will gradually need less and less lean. And a certain lean over is not bad either, it's actually correct.
  4. tommypress

    tommypress New Member

    This is quite normal thinking from a practise point of view. The initial struggles can only be covered by regular training and fitness engagements.
  5. Ok thanks for your advice guys. I already pivot on my standing leg, but i suppose i could lean more, maybe that will help.
  6. John F

    John F Member

    I gotta ask. When you pivot, spin or rotate, on your supporting leg, are you spinning on your ball, heel or both?
  7. Evildwarf

    Evildwarf Member

    Keep practicing the kicking form correctly and you will progress and find over time less soreness and more flexibility, balance etc.
    I found learning to "flip" my hip over when attempting this kick helped a lot.
    You say you started 2 months ago, keep at it, practice with correct form in mind...Bruce Lee said something about repeating a technique 10,000 times...
  8. Sorry for the late reply. But i think i spin on both my heel and ball possibly, hard to say.

    In Yesterday's session i think leaning back helped abit, although after about 4/5 kicks, it starts to become uncomfortable?
    Not so much pain, just discomfort in that groin area.

    Could that be down to kicking without a target? The fact that i'm applying force but not actually kicking anything? "Shadow kicking" if you will.

    Flip your hip? What do you mean by that Evildwarf?
    And thanks for your encouragement.
  9. John F

    John F Member

    When you pivot you need to be only rotating on your ball. Stay off your heels.

    Not kicking a target really hard should only affect your knees and not the groin areas.
  10. Evildwarf

    Evildwarf Member

    So "flipping" the hip is probably not the correct term but it is in effect what is happening. Since the turning (in my dojo it is a round kick) kick and the side kick both are executed on a straight plane, one must set up the hips to allow for the straight alignment of hips, knee, foot. One of my senior teachers broke the kicks down into discrete movements for me and it helped a lot to practice with focus on correct body position during the chamber, execution, and retraction stages of the kicks.
    When the kick is chambered the hip is rotated up and in towards the center of the body....very hard to describe but it is almost as though you were attempting to set your outside butt-cheek on a high bench or chair, you would have to rotate your hips upward and inward to accomplish this.
    I am not explaining this very well but when you get it you will know it...the kicks become more aligned and your hips won't hurt so much. I started TKD at 48 years old so flexibility is a huge issue, diligent stretching after every workout is key and mindfull practice of the correct form for each technique as well.
    Perhaps ask your teaching master about the hip movement/alignment issue for guidance.
    Good luck and keep training!
  11. Thanks John, i'll bare that in mind
  12. Ok i think i can gauge were you're coming from. Thanks very much for your advice.

    One last issue i have with the straight leg kick is a clicking in my hip bone when i do it, on both legs. Almost like the grinding of bones. Feels a little uncomfortable.
  13. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Examine the positioning of your pelvis during the kick. Rotate it forward (the motion you would do to stick out your butt) to open the hip and avoid the greater trochanter meeting the tissue and bone surrounding the hip socket. Look at some hip anatomy diagrams online and you will see why.

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  14. Ok thank you

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