bill superfoot wallace advanced stretching

Discussion in 'The Video Room' started by michael mckenna, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. michael mckenna

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    bill shows his method of stretching i myself have used this method since i met him at a seminar in near glasgow and being a man that is almost 70 he had alot better flexibility then me who had just turned 20 and im considered very flexible before this method i use this method before i start training in the evening and dont get tired too fast or stiff. hope you all enjoy

  2. Rugratzz

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    Trained with they man years ago, (Ok well not exactly trained, get kicked punched loads of times more like I think if I remember I nearly made contact onceo_O) he is a legend.

    Dont tell any one I downloaded this and have in on my computer. If I was only 25% as supple as him I would be very happy

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  3. Melody

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    I absolutely adore this man. Being new to tkd, I only recently discovered him on YouTube and then spent a solid week pouring over every video I could find. My kids and my husband started making fun of me because all I could do was talk about him and focus on practicing his suggestions. Well, know what? The next week in class my Grandmaster came to me, raised my arm and said "best in sparring!". Coincidence? No way!
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  4. Anthony Hayward

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    I recently attended a seminar run by one of his 6th degree masters here in Australia.. Master Ian Fauth... It was fantastic.. Everyone should take a leaf out of his book... Thanks for posting this. when I have a free hour I will sit and watch it.
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  5. Devin

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    Great videos, thank you for sharing.

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