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    What are the rules (or ethical practice) around taking people qualified as black belts, and having them compete as a red belt?
    I know someone who is a black belt, and was shocked to see them competing last month as a red belt. This was both for Poomsae and sparring. He was competing as a red belt, under the direction from his Dojang master.
    I guess from one perspective, no big deal for Poomsae, as it is non-contact, and in theory every black belt should know their patterns. However the issue is with sparring, where a black belt, who knows more techniques and has moreexperience, and competing against a lower belt. That can't be fair, or ethical?
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    It isn't fair or ethical. Competitors are obliged and even have a duty under WT rules to wear the belt they are qualified for.

    Age may be a factor - under 15's should wear a Poom belt (black/red) rather than a black belt for competition. They may wear a black belt in the dojang, depending on the instructor.

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  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

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    For local competitions, some official rules might be discarded including actual belt. It doesn't have to go down, sometimes it goes up as well. It's a strategic move to play with opponent's mental. Both ways could work, as long as the research is right. Experienced ones don't care about belt color, so the strategy won't work on them.

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