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  1. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    I thought it might be a good idea to have a training log detailing the training sessions I do every week, my goals, achievements, tournaments, discoveries e.c.t.

    get to 75KG lean (thats what I weight now, but I could improve my body composition somewhat)
    Have a 60kg military press, 140kg squat and 180kg deadlift
    have a resting heart rate of around 50 BPM
    run a 9 min 1.5 mile
    40BPM drop after 1 min
    Grade to first dan
    win a competition in a combat sport.
  2. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Went back to my old brazilian ju-jitsu club for the first time since I had my surgery about 2 years ago. Everything has changed, well, apart from the leak in the ceiling and the instructor. All the faces were new, the warmup, the techniques. It was great to be back, and apparently one of the guys I used to train with is going pro soon, he was a beast.

    We did a dynamic warmup with shrimps, rolls, neck springs (so much fun) e.c.t. and then learnt some darce chokes and setups. Drilled them for the first hour, and then sparred continuously for the last 45 mins. Its strange how the tirdness from striking is different to grappling. Im exhausted after about a minute of TKD, but I can struggle through for 45 mins here. I guess its because you can take breathers more mid-roll. Great training session, and I only collected minor injuries (got my thumb trapped in a Gi and pulled back, and my knee hurt the next day for an unexplained reason).
  3. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Had a few days off to let my leg heal, now im back to running. I have a 10K race in a few weeks and my target time is 50 mins. Not that fast, but its a constant 8 min mile and thats the pace I want to run my half marathon in october at. Just a quick 5 min run today, nothing strenuous
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  4. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    10K training today.
    Did 40 pressups and then a 3.1/5km run. Alot of it was up/down hill so I walked some of it, but it took about 40 mins. Not sure of the actual time because my GF decided to lock me out of the house when I came back so I couldnt check the clock when I got back.
  5. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    1 hour bike ride. Nice and slow, cardiac output work.

    Heavy bag work. Lactic capacity intervals, 3 mins on, 1 min off. Max HR, 190, Working average 185. Dropped to 145 in the rest periods

    Did some lighter bag work today. Criticism welcome :)

  6. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    From a TKD stance of pointers and if you do not mind me saying, i would recommend carying your hands thus elbows a little lower, also relax a little with your legs so you can flick the kicks with less noticability and when kicking try to keep guarded.
    Watch when kicking to ensure you turn the standing legs ball of foot to prevent knee damage and end up a little more side on of kicking leg and use the contact force to bring the kicking leg back.
    The punches look quite good but try to punch directly (shoulder movement is a tell) and use the hips a little more.
  7. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replying, I appreciate the advice. My guard is something im still getting to grips with. Part of me feels like it should be lower so my elbows cover my body more, other people have told me to keep it high. This one has more kicks in. What exactly should I do with my arm? My left arm goes to cover the side of my head, but it doesnt look right
  8. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member


    Did some sprints

    3 mile run. 30 mins. average 181, max 188 I didnt think it was possible to susstain that high of a HR for that long.

    Met a new karate instructor, sadly the hall he had booked wouldnt let us use it... wankers... but hopefully got something sorted for monday.

    quick easy run, 15 mins, average 162.

    Judo training. Insane, everything hurts and the randori sparring is brutal. Even BJJ and boxing isnt that bad, because at leasnt you can have little breaks in between movements. Even when you are just chilling looking for a throw, your testing your opponent and going all out the whole time.


    Karate today, really really good instructor. Wast really karate at all in the traditional sense. Started with light sparring as a warmup. Did some escape drills where one person is pinned against the wall and has to escape via any means necessary. Throws, strikes, dodges e.c.t. Some Bunkai. Some self defense based sparring. One person on the floor being attacked by a standing person. Has to stand up and escape or neutralize the attacker as quick as possible. Then some flow drills with a cross, hook, hammer fist combo. Finished off with 2 on one sparring. Hard, but possible. The instructor could neutalize one of us by trapping an arm, and use them as a shield, or position us so only one could attack e.c.t. Really good session
  9. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member


    Finished my first exam today, so glad I never have to do imperial Russian history ever again. Celebrated by going to the gym and doing heavy single squats. Worked up to 92.5KG and then my form started to slip. I still got it up, but I was really grinding it out, and my bad was taking alot of the pressure so I dropped down to 80KG after and did a few more there.

    Military press, did 25kg x 5

    Even did some Benching. Got up to 52.5KG with no pain, huge step forwards. Must be all the pressups. Could have done more I think, but I didn't have a squatter.

    Felt like doing some explosive work after so i did some plyometric jumps. Jumps off boxes, jumps onto boxes, jumps off boxes onto the floor and onto other boxes. First time I have done anything like that, and I liked it.
  10. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member


    Went for a 3 mile run.


    Deadlifts. Did warmup sets again and then heavy singles up to 100kg and some Chinups
    2 mile run to judo, then judo, then 2 mile walk / run back. My shoulder is feeling a little funny.
    run, judo, walk. Shoulder feeling a bit better, but doing some throws puts alot of strain on it. Someone mentioned there were throws that messed with his shoulders to begin with and you adapt. Going to see if I can get some free physio for training with them. I know its open to students at their uni, but not sure about others.

    Did a 7.5 KM run today in 50 mins. I know I can do a 10K now, so thats a releif. Now its just how fast I can do it.

    Taekwondo again! Back in Manchester for my second exam and met up with the old club. Helped out teaching the basic punches and holding pads for people, then we all did spinning and jumping kicks. Not my favorite, but then we moved onto the basic punching, kneeing, side, turning and front kicks and kinfe hands. Judo is fun, and im learning alot, but there is something great about striking.

    squat 70kgx 5

    Bench 50kg x 3

    Military 30kg x 5
  11. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Karate today. First proper session following the syllabus. Did the first parts of the patterns with lots of hand trapping and close range striking. It was interesting.
  12. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    21/05/13 Ran 7.5 km. Really pushed the pace and did it in 45 mins

    22/05/13 Ran 2KM to Judo. Legs feeling yesterday, think I have the first bits of shin splints

    26/05/13 Ran my 10K race today. Great day, but absolutely boiling. Shins were still feeling a bit beat up from Tuesday but they held up. Got the cold shakes at ~6K but I finished the race in 56:38 and didnt need to walk at all. Great atmosphere and great day.
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  13. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Bagwork. Feeling it from the run still.
  14. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Tried to get some more kicks in this time, and tried to relax and pivot more with the legs like you said John
  15. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    Massively better, to help that little more, when you rotate let the shoulders come through to the point hat the kicking leg side shoulder points at the bag.
    This will help shield the body and also ensure all weight is behind the kick.
    In regards punching, much much better and relaxed, when throwing the reverse punch (boxers call front jab) the punches 85% of the time are not readable by the shoulder, so again great.
    The front punch the only give away I can realy see is a pause, for power i see you are using the hip twist much better and looks and I bet feels good, to add that bit more power I recommend with the hip twist bring the rear knee to almost touch the front knee as no momentum will be lost by the leg going backward, and keep the body upright to prevent loss of balance which will cause vulnerability.

    (Just to clarify in L-Stance the lead leg or front punch is the the side that carries 70% of body weight; so left leg L-Stance is left leg rear carrying most weight with right leg and arm forward with 30 % weight , left hand = front punch & right hand = reverse punch)

    Give it a go, it may take a lot of repetitions to get the knee to move with the hip, but trust me its worth it.

    Just me wanting to help, so I trust you do not mind the constructive points raised.
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  16. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    I dont mind at all, I really appreciate the feedback. I put it up here so that people could point out what im doing wrong. I am always amazed how much i learn when I upload these. I will have a go at bringing the knee forwards when I punch and tell you how it feels. Thanks John.
  17. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    your welcome, once the timing matches with the knee and puch you should feel better at the reach and also the natural turn gives more follow power, also due to this when using the jab on the hip return again the waist is moving in the same direction.
    By the way as you mentioned before about the arms, i feel its better to cary the arms to cover the waist but not tucked right in, carry relaxed and the hands just knuckles level with the jaw (for boxing sort of stance) my guard is different to the boxing guard on one side as i always carry one hand low and the other for the jaw.
  18. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member


    Muay Thai
  19. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member


    First proper Muay Thai lesson. Very interesting, very different to Taekwondo. I liked it because my boxing seemed to be more applicable, I didnt need to mess with the stance too much and the movement is the same. Looking forward to trying out some side kicks in sparring at some point in the future.
  20. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    7.5 mile run

    Karate. Worked the basics of Hian Nidan again, as well as self defense drills.
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