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Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by bowlie, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. GreywulfTKD

    GreywulfTKD Member

    Yeah don't chamber to the side. That wont help anything, just waste movement. Either do it tkd or do it Muay Thai. I think you probably need a firm foundation in one of these arts before you learn both because you will get really mixed up. This kind of happened to me even though I had a pure 6 years of tkd (but I was a kid).

    I'm well aware of the brain risks. I had a craniotomy done June last year and ive had to be very careful with what I do. I still don't think I'm technically allowed to get hit in the head for sparring, so I avoid it.
  2. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    I think your right, do it muay thai or do it tkd. I think seeing as my style is more thai now anyway, and thai seems to work with my boxing more (Im really finding it hard to mesh boxing and tkd. The philosphys are too different, and like someone here said trying to mix the two means you end up with a mismatched top and bottom, like a centaur) im going to learn muay thai as my foundation and add in what I have learned from taekwondo, like side kicks and back kicks.
  3. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Ive started breaking down my goals for when I start training again. Im going to cycle through a periodized program consisting of a Perperation Phase, a Development phase, and a faux event phase.

    First phase is Preparation, consisting of weight lifting and running.
    First goal is a 30kg military press, 50kg Bench, 70kg Squat and 90kg Deadlift.
    I can do all of those right now, but not with good form or without pain, so that means I need to work on whatever is messed up in my body before I progress. Once I can do those numbers I move onto the development phase, consisting of plyometrics, balistics, throws, sprints e.c.t. then onto the faux comp phase, mimicing the leadup to a fight/competition where everything is fast, explosive and sport specific. After that have a week or two off and start the cycle again.

    Next set of goals are 37.5kg Military, 62.5kg Bench, 87.5kg squat and a 112.5kg deadlift. That will be more of a challenge.
  4. Yun Se Hong

    Yun Se Hong New Member

    First post, and this is just my opinion, I feel like your kicking is too "tensed", I guess is the best term. I also feel like you're not rotating your hips into the kick. Try relaxing your hips and legs, and whipping your hip "through" the bag. Make sense?
  5. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    One thing Ive recently been told is to lead with the hip and let the leg follow. Hopefully I will get a video up soon.
  6. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    9.7 mile run today. Feeling alot more confident about the run now.
  7. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    how long did it take you to do it ?
  8. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Nice. I got 12 in Saturday. Did a 5k in just under 26 today (which for me is very good) p.s. pm me your email and I will share my IT Band training plan.
  9. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Not sure, forgot to time it :p about 1:20-30, I took it slow so I had plenty of energy :p
  10. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Here are the IT Band exercises... email me if you want pics.

    1. Lay flat on back. Ankles elevated. Contract leg muscles pushing knees down to hyperextended position. 20 reps.
    2. Get knee support (sleeping bag or some kind of roll) Flat on back, knees bent. raise foot until even with knee. 20 reps each side. Add ankle weights up to 5 pounds.
    3. Lay flat on back. One leg bent at 45 degrees foot flat on floor. Keep other leg straight with toes pointing out to wall. Raise leg until even with bent leg. 20 reps each side. Add ankle weights up to 5 pounds.
    4. Wall stretch. Hips perpendicular to wall. Outside foot should be in front of inside foot. Push hips toward wall and hold for 20 seconds. 3 reps each side.
    5. Bed stretch. Lay on edge of bed facing the middle. Hip should be perpendicular to bed. With top leg behind you and straight, let it fall until you feel stretch. (I really don't on this one but hey) 20 seconds. 3 reps each side.
    6. Stand on one leg 60 seconds. Stand on other leg 60 seconds.
    7. Use resistance band- fix around solid base. Loop around one ankle. In four directions and keeping leg straight, push leg out and back 15 times. Do both sides.
    8. Leg machine exercise (press, curl and hamstring)
  11. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Been very busy at work. Been doing overtime lugging toilets and doors and boxes of tiles around the warehouse at work. Havnt had alot of time to train, so im counting last week as my deload week. The good news is I have enough to pay for a few sessions with a good physio now. Did a small run yesterday. I think im going to do alot of short runs for now and try and build my running efficiency at a faster pace becasue my biggest problem is I tend to plod. I waste too much energy travellingup and down instead of forwards because I cant keep up a fast pace for long enough.

    Also been experimenting with various bodyweight exercises. Im wondering if weighted pushups are a good way around my inability to bench. I might try and build up to doing one armed pushups, Its as good a goal as any. Ive also found some bodyweight deadlift variants and have been doing hip thrusts for my glutes and hamstrings.
  12. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Been thinking alot about careers lately. I have about 8 months left of uni so I really need to make a move. Ive applied for a few graduate schemes, and work have offered me a permanent contract in a hand picked team and a place on a fast track program which is very flattering and very very reassuring but what i really want to do is go into the fire and rescue service. So from now on thats my focus. My goals are going to have to change too. My first one is to do 30 pressups and also a weighted pressup with a 20KG plate.
  13. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Still dont have a real gym sorted but I found a free weeks pass to LA fitness. Better than nothing right? I headed in and the first thing I saw was a poster saying 'with stairs like these who needs a workout?'. There were a few stairs, but if thats supposed to be motivational it was a bad start. Had to talk to a receptionist and manager who looks more like your average retail store manager than a real gym owner. Then I had to talk with a salesman with the usual sales patter. Asked what I wanted and I said to do strength training for boxing and that all I wanted was a powercage. He didnt know what one was but helpfully informed me there was a smith machine and DB's up to 30KG. I told me I might need a bodybuilding gym. Next I saw a pretty fit woman doing her personal training session in the studio, with what looked like half the male staff on hand to 'give pointers'. I was really excited as she loaded some tiny red plates onto the bar and squatted down to pick it up. I figured she was about to clean and press it oly style. I mean why else would you use tiny plastic weights if they arent bumper ones? And what exercise would you do with about 30kg worth of weight? She deadlifted it.

    Anyway, I actually had a great workout. I did lots of deadlifts. Up to 90KG I think. Not sure because it was a lighter bar than usual. I used a wider stance, sumo stance maybe? I found it worked my legs alot more, which was good. Some weird guy in the background doing sets of 20 tricep overhead extensions or something said 'is your back ok mate?' in between admiring his very sub average abbs and making noises like a rutting pig. I told him It felt great thanks. Later he switched to doing ez bar skull crushers and when he started rubbing his triceps I asked him if they felt ok. He looked pissed.

    Then I did some bench press. I was interested to see how I felt after a week of pressups everyday. I started with the bar, and to my surprise it didnt hurt. I started loading plates on and it felt great. Eventually I put a 20KG plate on each side and I even pressed that. I felt great, thats the most I have lifted since surgery. My bench was always weak, my all time best was 65KG and that was after being plataued at 60 for ages. I felt fucking great. Then I realized that it was a lighter bar and I probably only lifted 50. I put some more weights on it. and think I got up to 57.5. Well, 55 and I did the roll of shame on 57.5 but still, im just happy I can bench without pain.

    I did chinups after that, and then found a real bar to work with, so I went back to see if I could bench 60 on it. I couldnt, my shoulder started to hurt because my form broke down. I was quite tired at that point, but now im excited to see what I can do if I do bench press first and work up to my max. Finished with some more chinups, a few DB rows and finaly a pressup with a 10KG plate on my back. Half way to goal number one.

    Finished by working out on the heavy bag. All in all a really great workout at a shitty shitty gym.
  14. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    ran home from work. 5.2 miles with a backpack on. Did it in 40 mins.

    Also finalised my training plan.

    Monday, box jumps, glute ham raises, pressups, inverted rows, plank.
    Tuesday, clap pushups, hip thrusts, bench press/weighted pushups, db rows, hanging leg raises.
    Thursday, rotational med ball slams, single stiff legged deadlifts, pressups, inverted rows, full contact twists.
    Friday, db clean, deadlifts, military press, chinups, farmers walks.

    Should be interesting. I have never done plyo/speed work before my main lifting, so i will see how it goes. The different exercises should allow me to use a high / low method, or a strength / hypertrophy method. I took keos advice from my last thread. If you want a good leg work out, deadlift lots. So thats what i will do, but at the same time deadlifting 4 times a week, even at different rep ranges sounds like a recipe for disaster. Im pretty happy with what i have there. All i need now is a gym to do it in. Suggestions are welcome, especially on the core exercises i included. I tried to be minimalist, so i hope i didnt miss anything out.
  15. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Also, just over 2 weeks untill the race. Going to do one big last run soon, then just do lots of smaller pace runs
  16. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    You are still doing a half right?
    I did 14.5 last Sunday and it was pretty tough. My half is on 10/20. I am in good shape for it. Aim is better than two hours.

    That being said here is a technical bit for you. On my Sunday run, I use mapmyrun and a garmin to track stuff. Each has GPS, but Garmin's is much better than my cell phone (mapmyrun)

    Mapmyrun ticks off each mile and tells you your total distance, time and your split time.
    So I get started. About an hour in, nothing from mapmy run. Then at or about 8 miles it tells me I just ran 1.07 miles in 58 minutes. I figure there was a major GPS dead spot.

    Mile 2- 1 minute 9 seconds later
    Mile 3- 1 minute 13 seconds later
    Continues to Mile 8 where I think it is caught up and just going to tick off miles normally.

    I get no mile 9, instead at 1 hour 35 minutes it tells me my total is 173 miles and my pace is now 9 seconds a mile.

    By the end, Garmin had me at 14.5 miles, mapmyrun 176.2. Awesome stuff
  17. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Yup, half marathon on the 13th :D Im feeling really good about it. Yesterday I ran less than 8 min miles for 5 miles and although I worked up a sweat I could have carried on for a long time. Im planning 12 miles at the weekend.

    Good luck for yours mate, looking forward to seeing how you do :D I usually work it out with google maps, because Im poor :p but 176 miles is pretty impressive ;)
  18. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Finished my half marathon in 1:54:03
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  19. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    ive never heard of a half marathon before but to save asking an obvious question the name is probably exactly what it is lol
  20. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah. Its 13.2 miles of agony, running through an English town in the pissing rain until you cant feel your feet any more.
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