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  1. badknees

    badknees New Member

    Hello all

    I was a very comitted student of Taekwondo until I developed problems in both my knees. At my prime however I had my own wooden breaking horse, the design of which I copied from the horse used in my club. I spent a lot of time building the horse and would like to hold onto it but I am in the process of moving house and my wife has said it must go.

    It has been a few years since I was active in the sport but do people still need horses or is it just worthless now?

  2. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    Of course! I would love to have one.
  3. badknees

    badknees New Member

    Is it worth me trying to sell it? If so, how much do they normally cost now.
  4. badknees

    badknees New Member

    I have been looking around but can't find any others for sale. Mine is very nicely built and very sturdy. I was thinking about asking about £30 for it. Does that sound like a fair price?
  5. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    It would help if you mentioned where in the world you are.
    A breaking horse isn't something you could easily post so it limits you market to people in your area.
    I might be interested but I would need to know your approx location.
    I assume you are in the UK as you are quoting in £.

  6. badknees

    badknees New Member

    Sorry. I live near Derby but could possibly transport it to Milton Keynes.
  7. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    I live in Cumbria but Derby wouldn't be a problem as I'm travelling down to the GTUK British Championships on 27th October and could travel back on the M1 and pop into Derby on the way home if you can hold onto it until then.

    Do you have any photos of it you could email me.
    My email address is [email protected]


  8. badknees

    badknees New Member

    A picture of the breaking horse is attached. It was also used for a championship which was held at my club and stood up well to the task. I ideally need to move it before I move house otherwise I will have to leave it outside at my parents so it will have to be on a first come basis. I have also got a kick bag and wall braket if anyone is interested.

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  9. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    When do you move?
  10. badknees

    badknees New Member

    We haven't got a completion date yet but we are expecting it to be in the next 2-3 weeks. If need be I can leave in outside at my parents and throw some polythene over it.
  11. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    I'm interested but cant get there until the 27th October.
    Can you email me the address as it's probably not a good idea putting it on the website



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