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  1. Mark 42

    Mark 42 Member

    My feet are usually sore after TKD - largely because of the way kicks pound the feet.

    Also, sometimes I don't do a kick or two correctly, and my toes get bent (not
    usually jambed), and the first joint of my big toe hurts. Now those joints are
    starting to protrude. The podiatrist and my doctor and the radiologist said
    I have arthritis, and am developing bunions. It seems like it started shortly
    after I took up TKD... so I'm wondering if that is the root cause.

    I love TKD, but have to decide if it is worth possibly disfiguring my feet.

    Will my feet stop hurting and will the swelling stop when I get more toughness
    in my feet?
  2. Mark Greene

    Mark Greene New Member

    Doesn't seem likely you will see your medical condition slow or stop if what you've been diagnosed with is arthritis. Toughness has nothing to do with the disease process, aging may be the culprit. Do some research on your family's medical history to find out if arthritis runs in it. The imflammation may be aggrivated with the constant pounding of kicking but it's doubtful kicking caused it. I have arthritis all in my body...knees, back and now my fingers but so far not in my feet. I find that if I stay active the symptoms subside. Stay healthy.
  3. Mark 42

    Mark 42 Member

    What about bunions?
    I had accepted that the arthritis is inevitable, but the bunions are
    what I wonder whether attributable to pounding my feet, and whether
    others had them occur (and hopefully subside) by doing TKD. I'm pretty
    sure that the pivot on one foot (e.g. roundhouse kicks) can cause bunions
    by bending the big toe outward & inward (which is inevitable - just
    part of the mechanics unless I can somehow lift my toes when I pivot)

    I should have been clearer that the bunions were my main question.
  4. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    I bent my toes around a few times when learning to kick so you learn very quickly that your doing it wrong and to lift your toes up...
  5. Mark 42

    Mark 42 Member

    Even on the non-kicking (pivot) foot?
    I feel like I need my toes for balance.
    I might start wearing my TKD shoes again. I don't like wearing shoes,
    but they might help (okay, they almost certainly will ;) )
  6. Peter

    Peter New Member

    This topic seems to be a bit old, but still... my 20 cents:

    Hey Mark42, I'm 39, and I have arthritis, too. (Not to mention some other unpleasant things due to low metabolism, resulted from office worker and coach potato lifestyle...) I know with today's healthcare the doctors most probably will provide me zero help (at best). So, the silly it might sound to some people, I just totally ignore their potential opinion, and started my TKD classes.

    I grew up in "doctors" family (3 members of the family being doctors), and I know two things about medical science: 1) common sense always works, 2) exercise is never bad (unless is performed totally recklessly, but this is a different story).

    So I took it slow, I stopped when I felt pain (e.g. while punching a bag), but I started to exercise consistently. After just a month (TKD classes 3 times a week, and exercising a bit at home just everyday), the pain in joints is almost gone, both on hands and legs (I exercise punches at home a lot). I can lean on my left knee again. My hands don't hurt anymore when I punch my punchbag. Man, they don't hurt at all! (I used to have a problem of lifting my arm too high, and then it would hurt in the shoulder - it's all gone!)

    Now, you don't have to go with the strongest punches/kicks you can, at least not in the beginning... but you should exercise every day. After all, exercise builds your bones stronger, and that's the exact opposite of arthritis! (Common sense, remember?)

    I still take it slow though. My main goal for now is to never drop it again, so I don't want to exhaust myself too quickly. But so far TKD definitely helps me to fight my arthritis, both the symptoms (weak bones) and the cause (low metabolism).

    (Also, red grapes are good for your arthritis -- so I'm adding them to my diet, whenever possible. Grape juice, too.)

    Ah... did I mention that I'm slightly overweight? :)

    TKD only does good to you! Don't drop it!
  7. Danielle Khairallah

    Danielle Khairallah New Member

    I too have arthritis, in my back, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, down to my hand's finger joints. I can't shake hands with someone too hard or it hurts. But that never stopped me. In fact taekwondo helps strengthen the muscles around these painful joints, thus supporting them and lessening the pain. So keep kicking!

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