chang hon patterns used in a fight scene

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by michael mckenna, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. michael mckenna

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    ive seen people break boards while doing there patterns with strikes and blocks that was awsome to see but it would be really awsome to see the patterns used in a fight scene to show exactly what it could be used for with a few different alternate ways. anyone think that would be awsome too ? ok just noticed the over use of the word awsome but think that puts abit of humor into this post lol any opinions would be AWSOME
  2. UK-Student

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    Gen. Choi did that with Eui-Am in Volume 1 of the encyclopedia. He shows still images of how the pattern is used against several attackers. I do not know if he also filmed something similar.

    As to whether or not his illustration represents the most realistic application of the lessons in the patterns, I am not sure but it's fun and informative nevertheless.
  3. Gazzer

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    Sorry you spelt it wrong :p its AWESOME
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  4. michael mckenna

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    old habit lol
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    My master LOVES to do the fight scene showing the practical application of forms. I've done several with him and other black belts; with Master Jay doing the actual forms and us doing the fight scene. I've done a 2-on-1 Eui Am and, just recently, sections of Gae Baek/Eui Am/Choong Jang. These are usually done as demonstrations at "halftime" during a local tournament. I'll see if I can get the video of the latest one posted, I think it turned out well.
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  6. michael mckenna

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    thats great cant wait to see it
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    I think th north Koraen demonstration team did the with Choong Moo at one time. The fella went through the form then wentthrough it again with people running on attacking him.

    From an entertainment point of view it was fun from a application point of view i had some issues with it

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