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  1. Hiya,

    As I'm going back to Taekwon-do on Sunday I have been trying to remember my pattern. I remember it is Chon-Ji and I think I remember the moves but I am unsure on the stances. Am I right saying it is L stance for the low forearm and high fore arm block and walking stance for the forward punches?

    Many Thanks

  2. Chris J

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    Walking stance-low block, L stance-inner forearm block. All mid punches are walking stance.....Check "Chon-Ji tul" on youtube
  3. Thank you and will do.
  4. TangoTom

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    this one no walking stance there, front/forward stances for low section block and punches and back stance for inner for arm block, that's how I was taught anyway, only walking stances I know so far are in WTF poomse which I am also taught and this is the equivalent level, I had to do both patterns to grade. difference in schools I guess o_O
  5. Gnarlie

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    Waz, the terminology is normally different for Kukkiwon TKD and ITF TKD.

    Typically ITF affiliated schools refer to what Kukkiwon calls 'Apkubi' or 'Front Long Stance' as 'Walking Stance', and what Kukkiwon calls 'Dwikubi' or 'Back Stance' as 'L Stance'. Same stances, with some slight differences and different names.

    The Kukkiwon stance 'Apseogi', 'short walking stance' does not appear in any of the Hyeong / Tul / Chang Hon forms as far as I am aware.

    Schools where both forms are learned tend to stick with one set of terminology or the other as mixing can be confusing.
  6. NoBullShitFighting

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    yeah and check out Jaroslaw Suska, I think he has a video of the pattern, and he is one of the most winning guys in the pattern business.

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