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  1. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    I'm hoping we can learn from each other in making classes more interesting.
    Please share your favorite class drill.

    I'll start and add more as you share yours

    Paddle Drill
    - split the class in two
    - Have half the class hold targets down one side of the gym side by side
    - Have target holders hold for your choice of foot or hand technique.
    - The other half of the class lines up in front of the first target holder (one behind the other)
    - the first person kicks down the line of targets and then the next student goes, extra.
    - Everyone uses their right leg first (or hand) kicking down the target line
    - Switch target holders
    - Next switch, have the students line up at the other end of the gym for their left leg
  2. Deathnever

    Deathnever Member

    One of my favorite that my instructor drills with is a 3+ person paddle drill
    -Split class into groups of 3
    - 2 targets per group
    - 1 person stand in middle 1 on each side of person
    - person in the middle is to onestep roundhouse kick and step down, then turn around and onestep roundhouse kick
    to the other target back and forth 20-50 times.
    -once then person in middle finishes, switch with a group member and then they will kick
    - Timing the groups or racing to see who can finish first usually increases class efficiency

    If you have smaller classes you can time the individual if its a class of 3
    if you have bigger classes you can have several groups race
    if you have 2 groups you can have them race side by side.

    You can also give everyone a collective time that they have to beat as a team without individual teams or whatsoever, so
    everyone has to try their hardest for the team time.
  3. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    One of my favourite drills is what I call 'weaving'. Split into groups of 3 and stand in a row with the outside guys facing the person in the middle. One of the outside guys punches to the face of the middle guy, and the middle guy defends with a block and evasive slip and arm drag, causing the two to change places. The attacker becomes the new middle man, and the other outside guy attacks him, and he defends, and so on in a continuous cycle. Practiced meaningfully for 15 minutes a session, this can very quickly improve self defence skills versus a non-traditional straight punch. Everybody has to stay alert though.

    Works with all kinds of attack and defence, in the same format. Great way to get high number of reps with minimal talk time and pressure on.
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  4. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    Great drills. Keep them coming ;)

    A sparring favorite at our club;

    - gear the whole class up and have the class line up side by side.
    - give each person a number to remember ( we count down the line and that is their number)
    - Now get them to circle up leaving a huge space in the middle.
    - randomly call 2 numbers and these people are to spar each other in the middle. Then call a couple more and all four spar
    - stop the fight and send them back to the circle and call some new numbers.

    This is great because no one knows who they'll be sparring.

    Tip. I write the numbers down on a piece of paper and put a mark beside the numbers I call so everyone gets a chance.
  5. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Variant on an old favourite footwork and agility drill. The classic is to have one straight line and the person at the back weaves in and out to stand at the front, the next person follows him etc.

    The much slower and more difficult variant is the person at the back must do one full circle round each person in the row before weaving on to the next - first clockwise, then anticlockwise and so on. Participants should be encouraged to keep their number of footsteps to a minimum.
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  6. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    Here's another one for the childrens class. It's a game.

    TKD tag;

    We play a version of freeze tag:
    - assign one or two people as 'it'
    - have them run and tag others.
    - If a student is tagged they are to freeze in a back stance (Fighting stance)
    They join the rest of the class if an untagged person very lightly gives them a kick to the tummy (self control is a must)
    - stop the game & assign some new 'it' people.

    This is great for fun, self control, energy burning and cooperation.
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  7. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    My favorite for aggression training

    get a group of your students (maybe 6-8) holding large kick shields to stand in a group 2 people wide and all kick sields facing the same way (if you have seen '300' then you get the idea) the remainder of the student have to try to get through them. sometimes i change it up and have them do push ups etc before hand but the idea remains the same. pushing and fighting your way through.
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  8. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I might try this with my youngest group, but modify it to include kick paddles. Nice idea.
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  9. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    Oh! Nice idea. This reminds me of another sparring drill (kind of a game actually) we haven't done in over a year! I forgot about it. Thanks!

    Spar/game drill;

    - Gear the class up
    - Half way down the gym in the middle assign an area that 1 - 2 students are in.
    - Line the class up at one end of the gym
    - The class is to try to get to the other side of the gym with out being kicked by the middle students
    - If you are kicked you join the middle.
    - The rest of the class that made it has to try to make it back on your signal to go.
    - Keep going until there's a winner.

    RTKDCMB Active Member

    Tunnel of death.

    - Line students in two lines facing each other.
    - Pick one student to stand out the front with his/her back to the lines.
    - Pick students from the line to be the attackers without the student standing up the front seeing them.
    - The student who is standing out the front turns around and walk through he line.
    - As the student passes each of the students who were picked out they attack with a single attack and the student walking through the line defends.
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  11. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    Nice one RTKDCMB. I'll be trying that one.

    Another Spar drill;

    - Gear class up & have them organize themselves from smallest to tallest standing side by side.
    - Have the first two people spar and watch for the first good point.
    - Once you detect who scored first, the other person (loser) goes to the end of the line and the next person spars the winner
    - Go down the until you've gone throw the whole class.

    This is a good drill for tournament practice (in TKD anyway)
  12. Deathnever

    Deathnever Member

    Keeping on the note of sparring training, We like to spar normally but you set the score to 1-0.
    You tell the person in the lead he has 30 seconds to keep the lead, or score some more.
    You tell the person whos behind a point, that they have 30 seconds to get in the lead or tie. Preferably get the lead.

    This really drills kids with urgency and understanding of the time they have.
    It also allows to think more and strategies. Usually i find that it makes someone fight differently than they usually do. High volume fighters tend to slow down, and counter fighters usually kick more and are more aggressive.

    I myself am still training and just recently got my black belt but i find this as one of the best exercises during sparring.
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