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Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Pat Avery, May 31, 2013.

  1. Pat Avery

    Pat Avery New Member

    Starting to train again after knee Surgery. I had my ACL replace, meniscus and PCL repair. Anyone have any good success story on their return after a knee injury?

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  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    I had one (and another one at the base of my right thigh), but I never took a surgery. I let it recover through times. Nothing seems to be wrong after a couple of months. The pain might return if I overuse my muscle, though. But it's easily recovered by resting.
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  3. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Cant speak for knees, but I had reconstructive surgery on both shoulders. That was september of 2011 and 2012 and now I feel a hundred times better than I ever did before. Really unless you have a specific question all I can offer you is to take it easy, dont skimp on the physio, and that doctors are pretty damn good. I got a slight pain in my shoulder post surgery and googled it, there were countless people on forums saying they had that and it turned into crippling pain that woke them every night and made their life a living hell. It went after a week. Docs these days are pretty smart, and so is your body. Between the two of them they will give you all the advice you need for now.

    At some point in the future you will want to look at why you needed surgery. If it was a single catastrophic injury then you know why, but often acute injury is preceded by chronic injury. Weakness, imbalance, messed up motor patterns, overuse/abuse injuries e.c.t. At some point in the future you will want to look for these and fix any otherwise you might do the same damage again. Focus on re-building the correct motor patterns for now. If you have any questions in the future feel free to PM me. Good luck.
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  4. DRK

    DRK New Member

    I had an ACL allograft and medial meniscus tear surgery (avoided the PCL) two years ago. I probably strained my poor orthopedic surgeons brain because of the sports I do (I'm a fifty-something female, so I don't really 'look the part'). I did physical therapy for five months after surgery, going through some very high level training, and started back to TKD training three months after surgery. I drove home from the doctors office and picked up my TKD gear (rather than going back straight to work) so I could attend an easy class that evening :). At that point, I had been released to run, but could not jump or make contact during a kick (my kicks couldn't have any power behind them even without the contact - the snap is hard on the ligaments). At about 5 months I could do jumping, and at six months post surgery I was released to do anything, including full out kicking.

    I've been very happy with the results of my surgery - not having surgery wasn't an option due to the extent of the tear (my tibia was moving around in unauthorized directions even while I walked). As for success story - At the time I had surgery, I was getting ready to test for black belt recommended, I am now going through the cycle for testing for second dan. In that time, I've had to break boards with double jump front snap kicks, spinning back kicks, and a roundhouse kick after a running start and jumping off the wall/base of a wavemaster standing bag (everyone does the jump from the base rather than the wall in our school), and jump spinning back kicks. I've done all those kicks using the leg I had surgery on, so I consider myself completely healed.

    I've been surprised at what has been the hardest thing - I had been walking around with the torn ACL for nearly a year after tearing it and so had been learning various skills in TKD. For most of the jumping kicks or similar skills, the way I learned to do them due to the instability in my knee was SO skewed that going back and re-learning them has taken a lot of effort. I'm still getting surprised occassionally by the odd skill that I have to go back and 'fix'.

    Good luck with your return!
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  5. Pat Avery

    Pat Avery New Member

    Well the good news was after all the hard work to return from my knee surgery, on October 25th, 2014 I competed in my first tournament since the injury happen and took Silver medal in Sparring and Bronze in Patterns/Forms. The comeback felt like it took forever but in the end was worth it.
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