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  1. Matt

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    I am not sure how many of you are certified referees or officials, I myself am a rank C official with the AAU. I am planning on upgrading to a B rank in the next year. But, how do you feel about the rules? and electronic gear?
  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

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    I refuse to be one ever since I watch how referees work and learn their career path, I could lose my fun in teaching and coaching :)

    The rules are OK to me, with some things to improve such as the power required for a head kick to score (not a touch please) and allowed hand techniques that can score (only momtong jireugi is not enough, any jumeok, batangson and palkup technique that hits momtong area should be permitted).

    Electronic gear is nice, I love it from the first start as much less human influence involved. I've coached a student who got kicked in the balls and lost control by slapping his opponent. A gamjum should be enough as a punishment, but then all referees agree not to give him a score for any further attacks and instead give score to his opponent even though it's just a light touch. To me, that doesn't show fairness in the scoring. He got his punishment already, so everything should continue normally afterwards, but it didn't. Electronic gear can solve such a problem, for example

    Head sensor should be developed though, but I don't have any idea yet on how the sensor could work on unprotected but legal area such as face and chin. A shock sensor could be used instead of touch sensor, so the scoring is generated by both receiver and sender instead of just the receiver triggered by a touch from the sender. Receiver sends shock signal while sender sends power data to be compared with registered minimum power.
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    It is a big problem with touch sensor headgear that you can get your foot up on the oppo's shoulder and essentially just wiggle it back and forth for multiple 3 point scores. There needs to be more focus on impact than this wishy washy touch rule.

    Also,I competed at the weekend, and won using only back kick, momdollyo and naeryo. It's not worth throwing anything that only gets one point, so dollyo to the body is a waste of bridging the gap. Everything is to the head for 3 or 4 points a time, or more if the electronic head protector technology loopholes are exploited. Bring back trembling shock and cornerjudge scoring, I say. The electronic gear has turned competition into a boring cut kick fest.

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