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  1. Hi,

    I started TKD around 3 months ago yet feel like the progress is really slow. The 2x sessions per week are always identical and i'm not really learning/progressing as i'd like. How can you improve when you're just repeating the exact same session on a weekly basis? Every now and then i'll be given a pointer here and there to improve something that i'm doing wrong but i feel like i could progress quicker elsewhere.

    It may be a 'grass is greener on the other side' mentality but... I've been skeptical from the start and felt that i've been just a customer to put money in the masters pocket. The master states "people are always in a hurry to develop their fighting skills, however it's the mentality/way of life which is important, the fighting will come later"... Which i completely understand, however if i am to be completely honest with myself i am there to develop skill primarily / mentality secondary, yet feel the skill development is really being neglected.

    I also question the belt rankings. There are students who are several belts above me who i don't feel are as good as me yet are at that belt simply due to their commitment. Again, i understand that but i have to question the justification of giving a student a particular belt based on time commitment and not on skill?
    For me, the colour of my belt is irrelevant. I just want to develop an impressive set of skills for self defense and also for the achievement of being able to force my body into behaving in a way i never thought capable.

    I currently pay what i feel is way over the odds and most of the session is just "getting fit" and not really honing in on your skills/techinque.

    I think i've made up my decision to leave, but i just wondered if anybody has had a similar cross roads with their school/class/instructor and went with their gut?

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