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  1. damotaekwondo

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    Hi guys,

    I am taking my 4th Dan grading end of this year and need to write a thesis for it. I just wondered what others have wrote about in the past, trying to get some ideas for subject. My instructor has informed me it can be on anything Taekwondo related so just trying to get some ideas.

    Many Thanks in advance :)
  2. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    1st Dan- How TKD changed my life with a focus on our school mottos.
    2nd Dan- How my roles and views of TKD changed after becoming 1st dan
    3rd Dan- Taekwondo from a marketing perspective
    4th Dan- The values of Shin Ui (Trust and Loyalty) in depth and how it applies to both instructor and student.
    5th Dan- Three transformative tests (9th gup, 1st Dan, 5th Dan) How the nature of the test tells about the expected role.
  3. Matt

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    My school has always been given a topic to write about from our head instructor and its the same for everyone. So first dan was what TKD means to you and goals for the future. 2nd dan was the history of TKD. And 3rd dan was how do you teach TKD, So talk to your instructor maybe they have a preference

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