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    weigh yourself in the morning before eating or drinking anything. That is your truer weight. Most weigh division competitors do not eat or drink before weigh-in. There is no safe "weigh" to lose fat weight. Your bowels, alone, can hold 20+ pounds
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    The usual forced-weight-loss program is to run using as many clothes (multiple jackets and trousers are not uncommon) as possible on a field under the burning sun and if that's not enough get in a car parked in the same field (watch for air flow and make sure there's someone watching as you can die of suffocation). Losing 2 kg is possible using this method, depending on how hot the weather is which also define how long you should run. I never really recommend such a method, but most other coaches I know seem to be OK with that. I always tell my students who's about to participate to keep their weight in the range they're registered, that's better for them, me and the whole team as we just go for weighing and everyone qualifies, then we can go eat somewhere nice instead of waiting for some of us running to lose their weight.
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    All that is is dehydration but simple stupidity. Of course, you may have been trying to be facetious, as well. :)

    It is better to compete in you own division unless you want a division like in "tough man" contests where the small guys can move and fight while the big guys can only swing haymakers and such (aka brawl).
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    There are some awesome power diets which can help you lose weight easily in a very short period of time. You should ask for an expert opinion first.

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