Female Taekwondo uniform could be redesigned

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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    From http://en.mastaekwondo.com/2013/08/female-taekwondo-uniform-could-be-redesigned/

    Juanjo Padrós, director of Andorra Taekwondo Federation and member of the European Union Executive Committee, is responsible for the innovative new design for the “female Dobok”.

    The model designed by Juanjo Padrós, is a Taekwondo uniform that fits to the body using Lycra fabrics. The other model consists of a dress with a skirt and Lycra pants, giving it a more feminine touch to the Dobok.
    The new design was presented to the WTF Expansion Committee in Puebla, during the World Taekwondo Championship; among the people present were WTF President, Dr. Choue, WTF Secretary General, WTF vice Director of Marketing and Communications and the Presidents of the different Continental Unions.
    The WTF welcomed the new model with great interest and will study the different designs created by Padrós to see some important details before they finally instruct any manufacturer to produce the official clothing. “Right now everything is in the hands of the WTF Secretary General Jean-Marie Ayer and the Director of Marketing. The original model was created in Tailor & Co with model Jessica Rovira, member of the National Taekwondo Team of Andorra” explained Juanjo Padrós to masTaekwondo.com.

    According Padrós, the main reasons for creating this new uniform were:
    1) Renew the female Taekwondo image and make a better difference between the male and female categories.
    2) Adapt the modern fabrics used now in sports to Taekwondo.
    3) Ease and release the body movements in Taekwondo
    4) Adapt the latest medical and computer technologies applied to fabrics.
    5) Improve Taekwondo image in the TV and press.

    On the other hand the creator of this new female Dobok detailed five reasons why he thinks this new model should be the competitive circuit:
    1) All scientific evidence suggests that new fabrics are vital to fit the body and allow a better freedom of movement, creating more definition and clean movements. People will enjoy better definition and movement.
    2) The latest advances in medicine and physiotherapy, as tiping or other techniques, can be applied to Doboks.
    3) The new technologies like blood pressure, heart beat, and temperature control chips can be applied in the new Doboks, and thus show to the world the most modern and innovative martial art and sport.
    4) Sometimes, for amateur spectators, it is difficult to differentiate if it is a female or male combat. With these new models, the categories will be easier to differentiate. It is also important the competition in other martial arts like Judo and Karate.
    5) The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited and must be used to promote Taekwondo in this specific moment, after the success in the Olympics and a great World Championship, to attract television and mass media interest.
    The World Taekwondo Federation is analyzing to incorporate the new uniform in the Grand Prix in December 2013. In Europe, it seems that during the Under-21 European Championships, they will make a test of the new uniform.

  2. GreywulfTKD

    GreywulfTKD Member

    I think it's a terrible idea. Women already have enough trouble trying to be treated the same as men during martial arts training. If you put on a form fitting uniform, not only do you make every woman in the room stand out instantly, but you cause men to look at them objectively rather than as a person. The whole point of a uniform is uniformity. I understand adjusting the cut of men's uniforms to benefit women more -- but this? It's distracting and the pants do NOT look functional at all. It looks like they are tight and might inhibit kicking ability. Furthermore, what about very overweight women? This is seriously going to alienate them. Once they see the uniform they have to wear, they might shy away from Taekwondo training despite the future prospect of weight loss.

    Besides, to be brutally honest, it looks stupid. It doesn't look anything like a martial arts uniform regardless of style. It looks like a cheerleader's outfit.
  3. Melody

    Melody Member

    Oh my god no!! This is an awful concept. I completely agree with GreywolfTKD. Even as a petite woman who could wear it well, it looks too bubble gum cutesy and would only further objectify women, cause them to be ogled and judged on appearance and even be distracting to their own performance. I as a woman, train among men. I enjoy the androgynous uniforms and not having to wonder who is watching me stretch because my pants are too tight or who is watching my bustline during jumping jacks. It would turn the dojo into a meet market like you see at fitness clubs. There is no place for that nonsense in the study of martial arts. I find this concept completely insulting and even sexist. Anybody else?
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  4. AliPat

    AliPat New Member

    Women who train in TKD are not all the shape of the model. I wouldn't want all my lumps, bumps and flabby bits being highlighted in a tight fitting Dobok.
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  5. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Im with you. That uniform is kinda sexy, which isnt really what we should be going for in marital arts. Also, reason 5 seems to be 'we need to sell our sport with sexy women'. I just dont like the way its going. It seems so... business oriented, to the extent its willing to 'exploit' its own practicioners. I have to say I thought new uniforms would be better. I train in a rashguard and shorts anyway, because its more comfortable for me and more hygienic. That uniform is just silly though. When it comes to a training uniform, really it simply comes down to what is the most practical for the sport. Seeing as WTF competitions involve no throwing, a GI is pointless. I guess the only caveat to this is that boxing has benefited from its uniform. I dont think the iconic images like ali towering over a fallen opponent would hold as much sway if he was wearing a wife beater.
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  6. GreywulfTKD

    GreywulfTKD Member

    Seriously! Looks like something out of a cosplay or a costume for an adult Halloween party.
  7. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    I agree pretty much with all of the above.
    1. Function
    2. Function
    10. Form

    What's next high heels? Muscle shirts for the men?

    Not good.
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  8. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    only kinda :p
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  9. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I am horrified. One of the things which attracts beginners to Taekwondo is the uniform and the fact that it allows a newbie to 'blend in' to the crowd and not feel like they are standing out anymore in their tracky bottoms and T-shirt. The designers of this uniform seem to be missing two crucial points:

    1) Women and men need to be treated the same. The objectification of women in martial arts reinforces negative stereotypes and does not encourage the kind of positive character development Taekwondo intends; and;

    2) The loose cut of the existing dobok is a positive point for many reasons other than straightforward practicality. It allows those of us who are not their own ideal shape (and I include myself there) to train without having to be self-conscious because of our bodies.

    Personally I would be very surprised if it get ratified by the board, but if it did, poor top level female competitors would have to wear it. If they are not willing to compete in it, someone else will, and that person will become champion.

    Somebody should be ashamed of themselves for suggesting this. I'm sickened.
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  10. Foggy

    Foggy Active Member

    What a crazy idea. This does not look uniform at all. It (as said) looks like a fancy dress outfit. Hope ITF uk don't get this idea!
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  11. CristyK

    CristyK New Member

    I've been training 5 years now and am one belt from my black. I'm 5ft. 10 inches and 294 pounds. No way on Gods green earth would I wear something like that! My pjs don't fit that snug and the only person who sees that is my kids and hubby.
    I do admit I would love uniforms and belts that would fit me better (I'm a size 24 - 26 in woman's and a 8 barley fits me) but this is no were near what I'd like. Every bumps, roll, flabby part and extra skin would show and I'd die of embarrassment every time I'd put it on. I'm bigger in every aspect then this model. Top and Bottom.
    Way way the wrong way.
  12. Foggy

    Foggy Active Member

    Well hopefully the people sat on that panel agree with everyone posting here and are not just blinded by the...........outfit lol.
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  13. Melody

    Melody Member

    Exactly Cristy, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes and this uniform would not flatter most female figures. I also have to say I am very proud of the position the men have taken on this topic as well. Thanks for your mature and respectful support, a lot of men would encourage women to show up dressed as Barbie dolls.
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  14. Foggy

    Foggy Active Member

    Defiantly not Melody. Anyone that did behave like that wouldn't have a place at my gym. There is a time and place for that kind of behaviour (in the bar with your friends! Male and female of course lol) a training environment is not that place.

    Edit/ apologise, I had to edit 3 times to get your name right. Damn IPhone. It what you need when you are trying to show an open persona lol.
  15. Melody

    Melody Member

    Exactly my point Foggy. The traditional uniform is just one of many components that separate martial Arts from fitness club mentality. The respect shown by the comments made by the men on this thread are delightfully refreshing.
  16. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    I dont think they would enforce this type of uniform but I think some woman Might like the choice, but yer it should be a choice, I cant see these being worn in a normal dojang... they do look kinda cartoonish/cosplay.
  17. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    Maybe they could use it for MMA matches! Does not belong in traditional martial arts! Master Fahy
  18. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I think this might have been a case of some rather sensationalist reporting in that this was one of several options presented before the panel as possibilities for a new uniform to meet specific criteria regarding materials, image etc.

    I suspect the WTF panel is considering a new uniform, not the new uniform.

    I hope so, anyway.
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  19. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Im interested in the female perspective on rashguards. Would you feel comfortable training in something like this?
    We all wore this at my old school, fat and thin, man and woman alike so it was no issue. Some large women trained with us and some very thin women and noone ever made a comment about it either way. You tend to stop caring very quickly what someone looks like when they have you in a choke hold. Yet at the same time I can see some people not being comfortable with it.
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  20. Melody

    Melody Member

    I believe if you are practicing traditional martial arts, you should be dressed accordingly. It's not that there is anything insulting or sexist about the rashguard link, I just think that maintaining tradition and culture is important when you are persuing the study of something traditional and cultural, I can be kind of a purist though.

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