Female Taekwondo uniform could be redesigned

Discussion in 'News' started by Kevin, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. I like rashguards because they are more hygenic, but there isnt alot of contact in TKD so its not an issue. I was just interested in peoples view point on more revealing clothing minus the sexism.
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  2. Melody

    Melody Member

    I should mention that even in kickboxing class I do not opt for wearing shorts. I wear long yoga pants and a tank top because of the nature of what my legs are doing. For me it's a matter of modesty.
  3. Foggy

    Foggy Active Member

    I often have a rash guard on under my Dobok if I am training for a couple of hours. Like you said it is really hygienic and its comfortable. I think one of the women who trains uses one too.
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  4. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Hell I sometimes wear the male version of yoga pants under my shorts, especially at bjj class.
  5. Melody

    Melody Member

    Yes, I could see how that would be more comfortable especially when you are in close contact with other people's sweaty bare skin.
  6. Anthony Hayward

    Anthony Hayward Active Member

    Personally I don't like it.
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  7. Mark 42

    Mark 42 Member

    There are people who would wear it (rash guard or tight dobok) even though they
    are on the large side, but also, there are those who would not even do the 2 week trial
    if they thought that they would eventually have to wear it. Everyone is different, and
    some are more self conscious. I feel awkward enough because I'm not naturally coordinated,
    never was flexible, and I'm 30-40 years older than the other students. I felt goofy enough
    in a dobok when I first started - if it was form fitting, I'd have felt even more awkward,
    and I'm not what people would call overweight (5'8", 160 lbs - with a chunk of it
    in the middle). I do sit up, which means I have a six pack sitting on top of a keg ;)

    But if I were seriously overweight, and looking to get active and lose weight, I would
    not go for an activity where I was wearing spandex, if you get my point.

    I'd find an activity I could do in sweats, or maybe Karate or something with loose clothes.

    The uniform in the first post looks very attractive, especially on that lady. That might bring
    in young men to sign up for classes, but, probably not the best idea.

    She looks like a character in some sort of video role playing game. Or a cartoon like Avatar
    (Yeah, I'm not young enough to know - I'm going by what I see on my kids' video screens)
  8. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    I just got my first rash guard. It looks ok....but it's not that flattering. Then again, I'm much more embarassed by poor performances than by looks. :)
  9. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Every one to their own, If you have that type of body then yes you probably would be fine, but not everyone is built like that I showed the picture to a couple of our ladies, one said hell would have to freeze over before she would wear something like that, and the other ...................( you certainly would not allow me to write it on here). I would like to hear what people think of it after a good training session, or a night of sparring and self-defence.

  10. heidi

    heidi New Member

    next we will be wearing leotards!
    nice idea but just not functional + very distracting for the men! i already get attention even when wearing an unflattering dobuk :S
    this is an art, a way of life...
  11. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    what are they thinking ? are they doing this on purpose or are they that stupid that they think its a good idea ?, sometimes i feel martial arts are not getting the respect they deserve in this modern day and age, disgracefull
  12. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    wrong on so many levels

    To disrespect female martial artists and turn it into some sort of a figure show goes against some basic fundemental of martial arts.

    Also if that is for women what is next for guys? competing topless?
  13. liquidcadmus

    liquidcadmus New Member

    This looks uttertly ridiculous and impractical.

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