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    This is just a all around answer for all, not aimed 100% at your comment.

    People on the street brawl, they do not come in and give niceties by following rules. I am not implying my way is the way because if it were, I would be in the hospital. My way is to not get into a situation in the first place and that is not as difficult as one may think. Pressure points work when you have time, when a person is sober, when a person is not flying high, and when the pressure points work. Someone throws a good punch at you or attack with a knife, a typical Korean lock and throw won't work, for them most part.

    In corrections, pressure points and locks work because it is not a street situation because you have backup and such. My dad worked in corrections 30 years, as well. Also, on the street, the attackers tend to be pretty tough, so a kick to the head may startle them, but be prepared for one not to work and two not to get through once one does.

    People seem to think BJJ and such will win them a street defence situation and it may if they get someone who will abide be rules of the ring. Kelly McCann has a good video for defending against these guys, and other real world situations, and it is simple: do not follow the rules and DO NOT try fancy moves.

    I love my kuk sool hapkido/Kong S(h)in Bup. I do not love it enough to rely on it in a toe-to-toe self defence situation because it is not a realistic. This belief developed more than 10 years ago was reinforced by observation and the people mentioned earlier who have street knowledge. If some grabs me or other low dynamic situations, I am capable, but I would not rely on fancy techniques that need precise accuracy to perform such as pressure points and locks. That is Hollywood and not a good mindset, I feel. If you can, kick them in the knees or nuts, neither is easy against the experienced fighter, and run.
  2. Good post , i integrate what i learned with other styles intot he base of taekwondo for the strreet defense work , great things to study hapkido , jujitsu and from military courses .
    The abse l;essons are still taekwondo but the self defense work has more street realative works . My old instructor used to run a sunday training camp regularly to do hard squad trianing and also self defense work , this coupled with regular lessons based on street defense are really good to do.

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