First BJJ competition - won gold!

Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Raymond, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Obviously I practice Taekwondo and it is the basis of the class I help instruct, but I also cross train in no gi submission wrestling, BJJ, and boxing.

    I competed in my first BJJ white belt competition at a NAGA (North American Grappling Association) event on Oct 5 and won gold at white belt super heavy weight. It was a pretty lackluster match, but I hit a drop knee tai otoshi and he tapped after the throw citing he hit his head on the mat and couldn't continue. :rolleyes: The downside was I only had to do the one match to win so I felt cheated and like I didn't really accomplish anything. But oh well.

    I want to do more grappling competitions since this one left me unfulfilled and then try to find some amateur kickboxing matches to rep the TKD community!
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  2. You still participated in that match and won. You did accomplish plenty others couldn't, and should still be proud.

    Big Congrats

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    Thanks! It was a great experience otherwise as well. Really strengthened the bond with the guys at the club and even the newer guys who came out to watch. I was proud of them as well as it showed that even though they weren't ready to compete themselves, they were invested and interested in the club and their brothers in training.
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