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    I am 43 years old and just went to my first class today at Tiger Rock Martial Arts. I really enjoyed it although I do believe my progression will be slow due to my work. I work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so I will not be able to attend as many classes as I like and the routine will be hard for me to remember while I am on the boat. Are there any videos you guys would suggest to watch to learn by?
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    Have a teacher/high rank demonstrate/explain while you film them. Some may be too *** that they may not want you to record them. Ask, though.
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    This very much so. Ask, explain situation and get videos of your instructors or top students performing tasks.
    With smartphones and tablets, there are so many good tools for video editing for the average user it's borderline ridiculous.

    Just remember it is your instructor/master instructor/grandmaster instructor grading your performance, not the ginger ninja or whoever's videos you watch.
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    Also, I have seen different interpretations of the same forms from the same styles and, to note in particular, associations. I have seen Tang Soo Do dvds of Ho Sik Pak and have seen videos of his members doing the forms with their own mild changes.

    So, to watch videos on the internet may not give the instructions on the initial way an instructor teaches the hyung/poomse (if tkd forms get lightly changed by some schools).

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