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  1. Matt

    Matt Member

    What is your opinion on foot fencing??

    This is pertaining to the "new" style of sparring that focuses on the use of the front leg as a cut kick. Now, it is being better controlled through new rules but for a while, it was running rampant. Personally, I do not like this technique. Obviously, it has merit or else it would not be used. It has a time and place and it is a valid way to spar. I grew up fighting in a time before electronic hogus where kicks were worth one or two points, we didn't fight on mats and punches rarely scored. Now I'm only 19 so I'm sure some of you fought long before I did. But, I can see that the sport has changed so much since I was a little kid and way more competitive. I think this new idea of front leg fighting has weakened chances for shorter stockier fighters who used to rely on getting in quick and hitting hard. Now, this type of fighter has a harder time, due to the new style of play. Head kicks are way easier to score, and shorter players are now left with fewer tools to use. It also seems like the encouragement to win by a knockout has dramatically decreased. Those shorter fighters use to rely on the heavy kicks to the body and to the head to cripple the opponent which to my observation has decreased. What are your thoughts on this topic??
  2. John Hulslander

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    This year we have new rules set to address foot fencing.
    The cut kick cannot be below the hogu.
    You cannot have the lead foot in the air no matter how high for more than 3 seconds without following up with a legit technique
    You cannot attack a kick with a cut/stop kick

    And there are new rules about falling, pushing, holding, etc....

    The problem is the bigger the prize the bigger the incentive to game the system to come up with the easiest way to score.

    So, if we suddenly revert to the old system, I think you will have many of the same problems show up.

    I like the absolute impartiality of the electronic scoring. That being said, I do not like the gaming of the system that has come into play. I think there is space for both.

    I like the idea of the 20/20 Armour (feel free to google it)
    I also see the technology growing quickly enough that there is benefit to being on the plus side of the curve.
  3. Matt

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    I also love the idea of the 20/20 armour. I'd like to see an increase in power kicks again. It is rare to see kicks that score body knockouts and even head knockouts anymore.

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