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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Filip Kallio Sandnes, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. This is my first post here and i made an account here simply to seek help and know if any of you have an answer to this since i can't find any good forum sites that i can ask my question.

    I have been experiencing sharp and prolonged pain in my muscle that goes along my sole. I have had this for quite a while now but only now has it started to occur more often. My toe that is next to my big toe (Don't know the name of it since i'm not English) Kicks out and gets stretched while this happens meanwhile i'm having excruciating pain in my sole. I have practiced Tae-Kwon-Do for 5 years i think now? And currently have a blue belt. But during a training pass i manage to pull this muscle quite often. And by often i mean like 1/3 training passes. I train martial arts 2 times a week and i run 3 times a week that is usually a 7 km run. And i also wear a pair of converse that i have worn for 4 years that has a thin shoe sole. I have looked like a maniac through different common sports injuries and came across something called a turf toe but since i'm not a medical expert i have no clue whether this is causing me pain or if it's something else. Since a turf toe is usually the big toe. I have taken a 1 month break since the pain of it was too much for me. But it still happens regurarly while i'm going about my daily routine or i'm in my bed trying to get a good nights sleep.

    If any of you have any clue what it is that is causing me this pain and have information whether it's something so serious that i have to go and see a doctor. A thousand thanks if you have any clue about this since it's driving me mad with pain.
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    Sounds like cramp, eat half a banana before and after you train?
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    Got t
    Got to a doctor, not any internet forums for internet medical sites. In my opinion, anyone offering medical info to you online are quacks and not to be trusted. Get a referral, if needed, from a family doctor to go to a podiatrist. This, of course, depends on the medical of the country you live in. Here in Canada, most medical aid is covered as long as it is not cosmetic. As said, get of the internet and find a flesh and blood doctor. It is safer and they can do more for you. Do not look for cheap cures or advice in regards to health.

    Good luck.
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    I agree, although it does really sound like cramp, it happens at night, when trying to get to sleep... and the toe gets stretched out...and it is the sole.

    It's a common complaint after TKD because the arch of the foot takes a lot of punishment from jumping and footwork.

    Still, get thee to a doctor, do not listen to me, for I am a quack and will only offer you a course of leeches!
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    Hee hee.

    I try to not give too much in the case of medical advice (CMA, ya know) Cramps crossed my mind but so flat feet and other things cause similar symptoms. We hear word and try to guide. A doctor sees and feels and x-rays, etc plus foot knowledge equals a potential cure for the person.

    I will stand by my advice to go to a podiatrist for a formal exam if the situation persists.
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    And you are right.

    Is there some kind of stigma associated with going to the doctor, and is it just martial artists or everyone?
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    No offense directed at Filip or anyone else, but I wonder, as well. When you read all of the sites and forums (ex, it seems people would rather look the them rather than local, real life professionals. Lazy? Too cheap? I wonder.

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