Forms applications on belt tests?

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    Though I do agree with most that has been already said. It can be said that a Form is an art with in an art. Meaning the key to the art lies with in the form. Taking Ki Cho Il Bo. Which is your basic I form that most schools do as a beginning Poomse. From the surface Ki Cho Il Bo is used to learn to defend ones self from multiple attackers and on the surface to demonstrate a low block with a counter.

    But if we take it step further for example movements 1 and 2 combined aka the Low Block and Middle punch in that sequence you have your first take down.

    Then one step further with those movements is that you have your first break away as well hidden with in the chamber of the low block.

    Then if you wanna look at just the stances in that form you also have a take down with the C step motion of the front stance.

    So in my opinion in order for the student to fully understand the art even at the beginning levels , doing Poomse break downs should be part of the testing requirements. But that is a decision that every instructor should make on there own to include it. Cause the Poomse it's self is an art with in an art.

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