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Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Rugratzz, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Or maybe not so frequently asked questions.

    As we know some parents have very mixed ideas what taekwondo is all about (any martial arts for that matter)

    I want to put together a small FAQ for our new members (parents).

    Maybe you could write some of the questions and how you would answer them, If you have been asked some really odd questions, that made you smile. You could even write as a prospective parent what question would you ask.
  2. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Why can't my child test?

    What does it cost?

    What equipment do they need to buy?

    How often do they have to / can they train?

    How much contact is involved?

    What are the instructor's qualifications?

    What is TKD?

    What language is that?

    How often are tests?

    How much do tests cost?

    Can I pay on the day of the test?

    What are the requirements to test?

    Can I watch?

    Are there other events/trips out?

    How are we insured?

    And so on

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  3. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Thanks some of those I hadn't thought of. I know you cannot cover every question, but its useful just to have the basics. I am trying to update our website, and also a small handout for new members.
  4. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Where can I order a uniform / equipment. Don't forget this one or people go online and order weird stuff themselves

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  5. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Not parents specific, but I think they might ask anyway:
    • How safe is it?
    • I already have a martial art background in xxx, will it help me to or hold me from advancing?
    • What's the difference between WTF and ITF (and other TKD organizations)?
    • What belt levels are available and what's the hierarchy?
    • Is it useful in street fighting?
    • I'm not so flexible, can I still do (full) splits?
    • Is being able to (full) split a must?
    • If I get injured somehow, should I still train?
  6. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Thanks guys, some really useful ideas. I know we cannot cover every question, but its good to have at least some.

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