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  1. Midnight

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    Hi guys. A text I read by Son Duk Sung saying that he awarded Choi a 4th dan. Later Choi requested a 6th dan but was denied then the 4th dan title was revoked by Son Duk Sung who was the the head of Chung Do Kwan at the time. So at the moment it sees like the only certification as a black belt was from Funikoshi sensei. But are there any records that back up the 2nd Dan claim?
  2. Anthony Hayward

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    I can't see the relevance of this question.... I have never physically seen the credentials of my Master Instructor and why do I need to for that matter.
    The proof is in the pudding as they say... You can tell anyone's skill set just by looking at a few of their moves.
    If you are questioning the General's credentials then maybe Taekwon-Do is not for you.
  3. Midnight

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    The more history I learn about tkd the more questions I have. Do not take offence Anthony Hayward. This is not an attack on you or your art. This forum helps us to learn. There are many conflicting story's about tkd and it's history. An answer either way does not change my passion, so if anyone has an answer then the question still stands.
    Thank you Anthony for taking the time to reply
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    I think it's an interesting question, but I'm inclined to think that documentation of dan-levels during that time-frame are probably few and far between? I'm just guessing though. When people write taekwondo histories nowadays, so much of them seem to be based on personal interviews wither pioneers who were alive at the time, rather than on physical documentation. Because of that, I've tended to assume that there's really not much hard documentation available.

    Is the dearth of documentation due to the fact that documents were lost, or were they just never created in the first place? I'm inclined to suspect that in a lot of cases there were only single-copies of often hand-written items (it's not as if photocopiers existed at the time, and many of the documents I have seen reproduced in books were hand-written rather than typed, so even carbon-paper wouldn't have been a likely option). I'm just guessing, but my theory make sense to me: you're a martial artist teaching what's essentially a club out of a YMCA, an archery school, a railway station, focused are you going to be on taking notes, keeping files, and making duplicates?
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    if you want to go donw that road it might be worth noting that Funikoshi didn't have a black belt or a Dan grade

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