Glosing the gap on a TKD proponent. Myth?

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Pleonasm, Apr 20, 2017.

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    There's this prevailing wisdom that the achilles heal for TKDoins is close range combat (and of course a lack of submissions), but the first part I feel is in dispute. More than one TKD guy that I've heard of involved in street altercations have simply kicked the aggressors leg with a low kick, prompting him to go down and scream like a stucken pig. And it was over after that. People seem to have a very rigid view of TKD application to disregard such options!
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    I think for this it is the old answer of practitioner vs style. One of my teacher was an ex boxer which influenced his style of fighting. Other guys in the same club with no background in other styles also like punching and kicking rather than just kicking, I have to assume they like kicking to some degree since they are in a tkd dojang

    Beyond that we I would also say focus of training plays a part. If your focus is competition style sparring then you may be conditioning yourself to kick rather than punch. Due to the way most sparring competitions go. Probably there is someone out there who got famous by winning a title of some kind just by punching, but that would rather prove my point of kick bias than go against it.

    With the examples of street fighting. It would depend in a few factors I guess, like are the people you are fighting in a state of mind to act tactically? Or are they drunk/high/enraged beyond reason etc. Also are they aware they they are fighting with a tkd person and if they do are they suitably well informed/trained to close the gap and shut down the kicks

    On the topic if kicks, recently I have seen a few YouTube videos with very questionable kicks. If a person is going to use legs to keep a person back then they do have to be quick and powerful, otherwise closing the gap isn't even an obstacle
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    Hand strikes, knees, elbows, head butts, biting, poking, tearing, pinching, twisting, locking, pressing, raking, throwing, reaping, sweeping, stamping. Feel free to close the gap.

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    I think for this it is the old answer of practitioner vs style. One of my teacher was an ex boxer which influenced his style of fighting.

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    I can write a book about the problems with the application of kicks:) . Lead leg sidekick is an option but still a one move sidekick getting the job done? Don't count on it... It's easily telegraphed if the TKD guy is the aggressor, and while it can be used as counterstrike, expect to be taken down in the process by a competent guy high on adrenalin who's taken hits before.

    I don't recommend high kicks either, principally.
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