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  1. Astromoggy

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    Hi all. My daughter recently graded and failed on stances. She did not agree with the instructor, who has seemed distracted of late. She graded alongside another student and was assessed by her instructor and a trainee instructor with a lower ranking belt. My first question is should she have graded alongside someone else, and should she be assessed by a lower belt? If not then where does she stand on questioning comments when there is only one instructor assessing and no ratification? Please note this isn't sour grapes, and my daughter rarely challenges decisions but I think it's a fair point but perhaps it's just the norm. Thanks
  2. ninjanurse

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    A student (or parent) should never compare themselves to another unless it is to look up to them as a standard to reach martial arts is a personal journey and students should be worried about reaching their own potential regardless of those around them. Perhaps your daughter is being held to a higher standard beause she is capable of doing better...and the other student is working to potential. Also, rank has nothing to do with ability to teach and/or recognize good/bad technique....if her instructor has faith in the Trainee Instrutor then your daugther should too.
  3. Gnarlie

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    It's impossible to comment on this in any meaningful way because I don't know your daughter or her school / instructors.

    Because of that, I have to assume that as the instructor is the instructor, and your daughter the student, that it is right that she failed. The fact that she disagrees / questions is telling regarding how she views her instructors in terms of respecting their knowledge and abilities.
  4. Finlay

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    When you say 'lower belt' do you mean a person for lower grade than the instructor or a person a of lower grade than your daughter?

    Can I ask what grade your daughter is?
  5. Matt

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    I see my opinion on this as invalid as well similarly to Gnarlie. Now all I have to say here is that it is always up to the head instructor as to who passes and who fails. At my school most teenage and black belts are allowed or asked to sit on a color belt testing panel as long as you are above two ranks the person you are grading. Personally I am a fourth Degree Black Belt and I have failed a few kids over time. My head master however did not agree with my decision and revoked them and passed the students. I had no say in the matter other than to agree with him because he is my senior and the owner and runner of the school. If your daughter disagrees with her grade, the best thing would be to ask the head instructor why she failed and what she can do to improve and do it. Arguing and thinking that she should have passed will get here nowhere especially in a strong Taekwondo school

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