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    Hello! It is great to find an active (or semi active) board for Taekwondo. I love this martial arts, though from my experience you probably couldn't tell.
    I started when I was 16 years old, but left when i was almost 18 because of my mom's financial issues... aka she didn't want to pay anymore and I wasn't allowed to have a job due to my not so very good grades in school. So I left, as a Green belt (6th gup). I returned when I was 21 and within the second week I was told I was going to be made a blue stripe or I would be the only green belt they had, this was not the same instructor I had when I first started. I said no and quit. There is no way I'll accept a new belt without EARNING it first!!!

    Skip 12 years later (though I wanted to go back earlier than that, like within the day I left :() I found a Taekwondo dojang nearby a few years prior and since I can't drive, I have tried and tried to get a ride to go there for so long. Finally this year, late august I did and I signed me and my son up for classes. My son is 9 years old, he will grade in january for his yellow stripe (i'm so excited!!). I told my instructor I would love to train with my son and go through it again but by the end of the week my instructor said I belonged as a green belt! This news was actually pretty heartwarming, because it means I did earn my green belt when I had received it.

    So here I am, having been training for 2 months now, getting back into everything and I am pretty certain I'm on par! I relearned all my patterns, though I'm still getting the hang of Yul Guk, but I am confident I will get it very soon. :) I hope to make some friends here and learn new things and get news that I other wise wouldn't get on my non-existent cable tv lol. Thanks for reading! :)

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