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    Hello! It is great to find an active (or semi active) board for Taekwondo. I love this martial arts, though from my experience you probably couldn't tell.
    I started when I was 16 years old, but left when i was almost 18 because of my mom's financial issues... aka she didn't want to pay anymore and I wasn't allowed to have a job due to my not so very good grades in school. So I left, as a Green belt (6th gup). I returned when I was 21 and within the second week I was told I was going to be made a blue stripe or I would be the only green belt they had, this was not the same instructor I had when I first started. I said no and quit. There is no way I'll accept a new belt without EARNING it first!!!

    Skip 12 years later (though I wanted to go back earlier than that, like within the day I left :() I found a Taekwondo dojang nearby a few years prior and since I can't drive, I have tried and tried to get a ride to go there for so long. Finally this year, late august I did and I signed me and my son up for classes. My son is 9 years old, he will grade in january for his yellow stripe (i'm so excited!!). I told my instructor I would love to train with my son and go through it again but by the end of the week my instructor said I belonged as a green belt! This news was actually pretty heartwarming, because it means I did earn my green belt when I had received it.

    So here I am, having been training for 2 months now, getting back into everything and I am pretty certain I'm on par! I relearned all my patterns, though I'm still getting the hang of Yul Guk, but I am confident I will get it very soon. :) I hope to make some friends here and learn new things and get news that I other wise wouldn't get on my non-existent cable tv lol. Thanks for reading! :)
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    Good to make your acquaintance shawchert , there are some great resources for patterns now a days , you can check out blackbelt wiki , youtube to name but a few .
    I have made a student handbook form an old version created by my previous instructors as they really new their stuff .
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    thank you. This was actually nearly a year ago :3 I am now a blue belt! I am right in the game and I'm so happy to be a part of the taekwondo experience. Yes i've watched many youtube videos. I am also working on my own theory book which means I am doing lots and lots of studying, and conversing with the black belts in my class. (i tried getting one for myself but it was not what our dojang always does and there were so many mispellings that it was crazy!)
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    drop me an e mail happyu to share mine if it helps . Congrats on the blue belt too .

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