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    I'm soon to be a newbie to this sport and would like some advice regarding health. I intend to enroll to support my 10 year old daughter next week as we have both never attempted a Martial art before. My question is that i have had a heart murmur and mild HCM for the last 4 years which i manage as a registered nurse holistically. My current pastime is that of a Yoga instructor for the last 6 years. Combined with meditation and breathing i feel keeps me active and well and away from doctors.
    I wish to gauge an opinion if it is wise or suitable to commence this sport as the text book line is one of fear based prevention. I have no desire to competitively fight or spar but would like to learn the basics and progress in this form in a slow and cautious manner knowing my own limitations. As a white belt would this be feasible and would the general activity be low to medium ?
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

    regards James
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    Since there are, generally, two types of murmurs, ask a flesh and blood doctor. The internet if full of charlatans. From what I understand of murmurs is that it should be not be too bad. Right now, one our students is 75 and has had knee replacements and a quad bi-pass and he does what he can (which is quite a lot considering).

    Again, if not done so, I stress getting medical advice from a real life pro, so get to a doctor so the murmur can be diagnosed properly.

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