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Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Polly, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Polly

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    My name is Polly Wright. I've been studying Tae Kwon Do for 6 years at Grandmaster Byung Min Kim's in White Plains, New York. I started at the age of 53 and just recently celebrated my 59th birthday last weekend. I became a 1st Dan in 2010, and 2nd Dan in 2012.

    It's been challenging as I've progressed. Flexibility is an issue for me, especially as I also am a cyclist. The cycling seems to tighten the muscles that I'm trying to keep flexible. My endurance is good, but flexibility is not so good.
  2. John McNally

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    Hi there Polly and welcome to the group and of course hello from your brothers and sisters in tkd from the UK.
    Running and Cycling will kill your flexability, but you can overcome it by stretching lightly immediatly before and stronger immediatly after.
    Well done on your passes by the way :)

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