How long does it take for you to learn your patterns?

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by dojo, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Matt

    Matt Member

    I am a relatively fast pattern learner. I am 17 and a 3rd dan and I learned Yoo Sin (the second longest ITF pattern) in one night. And it is to the level where I would be comfortable competing with it even only a day of having it. One I have a great memory. But, two; I also have been training for over a decade and as you get better and progress patters come easier and easier, pus the fact that I'm 17 and still young.
  2. Scotty P

    Scotty P Member

    I'm a slow pattern learner with a not so good memory, guess that just comes with age. I swear it took me a month or more to learn Choong Moo, but 3 weeks after getting my 1st dan I knew all three of my next patterns. Maybe my brain cells are regenerating lol.
  3. rugratzz01

    rugratzz01 New Member

    they take me ages the problem is that I start to mix them up. Just had to do yuk jang for my red belt thankfully it is very different to the previous ones.

  4. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Takes me about an hour to learn the movements, and about ten years until I know them backward and mirrored.

    Realistically, I can learn a form to performance standard in about a week, but i won't be happy with it for many years.
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  5. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    this may have bee said before but it really depend what you mean by learn

    I think most people can learnt he movments as long as they work hard on going through through even in a loose manner. Then after that add tension and power etc.
  6. Royen

    Royen New Member

    Hi Kevin,

    Seems like you have sound knowledge about the martial arts, I have query regarding my younger sister. She used to love movies like The Raid 2, The Monkey King, Iceman and the list goes on.

    She is 8 years old and she wants to learn martial arts but I think this is not the right time. What are your thoughts on this, is this the right age to learn this form of arts. I understand self-defense is necessary for all but I think girls are too sensitive and not so tough to learn martial arts.

    Please suggest !!
  7. tommypress

    tommypress New Member

    I am sure this depends on the student. The coaching class, facilities, the master all matter but in the end; it all comes down to the student and his efforts.
  8. maryf

    maryf New Member

    really impressed how realistically you share your view and comment on others too. u deserve a title of martial art pro :cool:
  9. Brian Milligan

    Brian Milligan New Member

    I see the last comment 5 years ago ist it to late to contribute. As to how long, I have just started have my first training sesion tomorrow. am 77 yrs old and realy up to the challenge. am an ex professional international basketball player and coach. Am presently self learning the White belt to yellow tag requirements. is difficult but not impossible with the use of internet resourses to pick up what is needed and how to acheive as required. The 4 direction punch block required here i have managed to understand. The footwork so much similer to basketbal foorwork So i have broke the pattern down to different basi parts. and have i believe this week, solved the footwork and direction requirements and will move on now to arm and fist. this approach suits me to a t, and i wont rush it till i acheive a level of understanding and performance that is required. loving it and not to difficult physcicaly.

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