How many TKD patterns do you know?

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    HULLTKD New Member

    As of June I now know 18. Each one is more fun and more challenging in its own way. Really enjoyable! Forms do make up the "art" of martial arts.
  2. Danielle Khairallah

    Danielle Khairallah New Member

    I learned the Poomsaes 1 through 12 and competed in tournaments. Since the very first time i stepped into a Dojang, I've been especially drawn to forms. I prefer doing those rather than sparring!
  3. Danielle Khairallah

    Danielle Khairallah New Member


    I watched the Hyungs on youtube and found that they differ from Poomsae. In WTF, we learn Poomsae. But i think both styles are beautiful and portray the brilliant art of taekwondo.

    Poomsae names :

    Taegeuk Il Jang
    Taegeuk Yi Jang
    Taegeuk Sam Jang
    Taegeuk Sah Jang
    Taegeuk Oh Jang
    Taegeuk Yuk Jang
    Taegeuk Chil Jang
    Taegeuk Pal Jang

    Black belts:
  4. MostafaHRB

    MostafaHRB New Member

    I know all 8 WTF Taeguk Patterns, and currently working on Koryo
  5. svraka1

    svraka1 New Member

    I know 7 forms, but my favorite is the seventh (toi-gey) ;)
  6. Charlotte Craig

    Charlotte Craig New Member

    Why is your favourite Toi Gey? personally its one of the ones I dislike the most, from the coloured belt patterns my favourite in Won Hyo.
  7. Kieran Black

    Kieran Black New Member

    Our club changed our poomsae patterns to be a lot more practical. The old ones were pretty boring.
  8. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Taegeuk Il Jang
    Taegeuk Yi Jang
    Taegeuk Sam Jang

    Since I've re-started my TKD training after 10 years or so, I've just learned some "basic form" (Ki-cho-il, or something), which I haven't seen before. Not even sure it's part of WTF standard.

    Although I'm a white belt again, I'm practicing the three forms from time to time, both because I like it, and because hopefully I will need them pretty soon... :)
  9. CristyK

    CristyK New Member

    I know 8 WTF Taeguk Patterns, and Old Koryo. Seeing that I got my red black belt the last day before we went on Christmas break (start back up next week) I do not know New Koryo (just plain Koryo on line). Hoping to start learning it next week. There are 4 other red blacks who know it so once the Master starts me on it, I can get help from the other red blacks.
  10. Scotty P

    Scotty P Member

    Saju Jirugi
    Saju Makgi
    Chon Ji
    Dan Gun
    Do San
    Won Hyo
    Yul Gok
    Joong Gun

    That's what I know at the moment. I know Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi are not technically forms.
  11. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    Saju Jirugi
    Saju Makgi
    Chon Ji
    Dan Gun
    Do San

    That's all i know currently.
  12. Polly

    Polly New Member

    8 palgwes, 8 taeguks, Koryo, Keumgong, Taebek, and Pyong Ahn Il. Also the 1st Kibon which in our school is called Tiger 1.
  13. RedDragon

    RedDragon New Member

    Seems like kibon are a lost art. I had to learn three of those to get my yellow belt.
  14. Sam86

    Sam86 New Member

    Saju Jirugi
    Saju Magki
    Chon Ji
    Dan Gun
    Do San
    Won Hyo
    Yul Gok - that was the last pattern I learned to get my green belt back in 2009. I was going through some life dificulties and stopped training for a bit. But I have spent the last 2 years refocusing on my striking accuracy and power, stretches, balance, pushing weights, everything apart from knowing all the patterns I learned off the top of my head. Once I relearn the last 3 patterns above, then I know I will be a true Green belt and that is when I will try and find a local(ish) Dojang because I would love to pick up from where I left off at Green belt and carry on training up to Black belt. But I need to relearn the last 3 patterns. I don't want to enter a Dojang with my Green belt and not be a true green belt which in my head I won't be until I have got these patterns as good as I can get them! Hard work but it is a lot of fun - I'm 27 later this year and my goal is to attain my Black belt before turning 30 :)
  15. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Tae Geuk 1 - 8 Jang
    Koryo (my current pattern)
    Kum Gang (ever learned, but have forgotten)
    Tae Baek (ever learned, but have forgotten)
    Pyong Won (just ever read)
    Ji Tae (just ever read)
    Cheonk Won (just ever read)
    Ship Jin (just ever read)
    Han Su (just ever read)
    Ilyo (just ever read)
  16. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

  17. Econstann

    Econstann New Member

    I currently know 12
  18. dunedragger

    dunedragger New Member

    I only know 3. Orange belt though. Palgwe Ill Jung is where I'm at now.
  19. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    Just finished Sam-Il, totals 17 ITF patterns. Let's start nailing Yoo-sin!!
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  20. Manus

    Manus New Member

    I know every WTF pattern from Il Jang to Ilyo.

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