How many years do you train for the black belt?

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  1. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    In our system we do Taeguk, which is the norm for Kukkiwon. Additionally the colour belts need to learn four Basic patterns and eight patterns that I believe are unique to our system (OMAC) called Dae Mang.

    For Black Belt we then had to learn Koryo, Chul-Gi 1, and Bal Sek. We also had to re-learn Tae Guk 1-8.

    For 2nd Dan I have to know all of those, plus: Ship Su, Sam Gu Kwan, Chul Gi 2, Kum Ga, and Pal Ban Moo 1-3.
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  2. Daniel Sullivan

    Daniel Sullivan New Member

    People who train or have trained for any length of time in Korea indicate that it takes one year to black belt and average five days a week in class. Ildan is considered a fairly lowly grade.

    From what I have seen in my area, TKD schools average between 18 months and three years.

    I started when I was about seven or eight, but never tested and kind of left and came back more than once; at this point, I probably have close to twenty years if you added it all up. Had I trained without any breaks, I'd have almost forty years in.

    I got back into it consistently when I was about thirty six and it took me about 20 months or so. That seemed to be the average time at that school for people who did not have prior experience. The people that came in more than just once or twice a week looked great. The people who came in twice a week looked okay. The once a week or less students looked about how you'd expect.

    I said this on another forum and I will say it here. If you are in it for the long haul, then length of time to black belt, be it one year or five, is a comparatively small percentage of your time training. If you're in it for a black belt and quit right afterwards, then it really doesn't matter anyway.
  3. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    VERY well said Daniel! I agree...
  4. Daniel Sullivan

    Daniel Sullivan New Member

    I'm not familiar with Dae Mang. Is that where Chul Gi, Bal Sek, Kum Ga and Pal Ban Moo forms are from?
  5. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    Hey Daniel. No, they are basic patterns that are nowhere near as interesting as the later patterns... Chul Gi is a series that we do for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan ... Balsek is weird but fun. Kum Ga is another simple one (but nowhere near as simple as the Dae Mang) and Pal Ban Moo is one pattern broken down into eight parts that we start learning (1-2-3) for 2nd Dan and finish at 5th Dan. 1-2-3 are TOUGH, but the rest is harder!
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  6. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    If you are good at remembering patterns then Id say 2 years at most, but I can see I am going to take longer as It takes me longer to remember the Taegeuks and Im having trouble with doing a turning jumping kick (what ever its called...)
    After getting a kick from a 3rd dan even with me holding a pad I was shocked at the power from him even though he isnt that big or strong. I have a long way to go.
  7. David Manning

    David Manning New Member

    It took me 22 months to get my first dan. It was hard work and the test was brutal but well worth the effort.
  8. Joe

    Joe Member

    Whenever you are ready at mine. I am 19, been doing TKD since I was 16 and a bit. And if I graded when the instructors wanted me to I would have been black about 6 months ago, but in that speedy grading I would get thrashed at a tournament, which is the main reason I have stuck with with my belt (red, only two away from black).

    I don't think you should have a set time to train, everyone learns differently and at different speeds, some are also harder workers and better "naturally". In all reality you know when you are ready, so does your instructor. Ask them if they think you are ready, they will know.
  9. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    Very well said Joe. I was happy to get my Black Belt when I did because I have no interest in competitions, I do Taekwondo for me only. If, however, you do want to compete then you have to remember that the higher you go the harder your competition.

    The Masters and Instructors will know, and will advise you... if you ask.
  10. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    hi Mitch G, no disrespect to you and your achievement, in my clubs we hold gradings every 3 months with a 6 month wait from 1st kup - 1st dan. It is extremely unusual for a student to grade every single time, especially from green belt up! Even if they train 2 - 3 times a week. Also the Chungdokwan which I am part of only host 2 dan gradings a year.
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  11. Gregory

    Gregory New Member

    It took me almost 3 years for my first Dan. I love it and am a bit nuts on training...I often trained 5 days a week, even making sure to workout when traveling on business. At the end of the day its about what you learn and can demonstrate and teach...not time!
  12. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    In our organization it is possible, but not probable to become a black belt in just under 3 years if you grade every single time. Between the Dan's students have to wait longer to grade. From 1st to 2nd Dan - 1 Year, from 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan - 2 Years and so on. It's worth remembering that it's not a race up the belts, it's the journey that's important. Do you think it would be right for Martial Arts practioners to become grand masters by the grand old age of 20? Of course time is important. Don't forget the Tenetts:-
    Self Control
    Indomitable Spirit.
    It's not just about learning a new form or reaching a certain level of fitness, a martial art is not just a sport, it's a discipline and a way of life, and will show itself in your every action.
  13. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    We all train and test differently. In our school we hold testings every month, but Black Belt tests are twice per year. I don't consider it a race, but when I was a colour belt I was training as often as five times per week, and then chiefly in one-on-one lessons with the Master. As such I was able to test for all of my colour belts in succession, and did have to wait five months from 1st Gup to 1st Dan (which I would have had to do in any event. From first Dan to second Dan you can test in one year, but I waited two... several reasons, but the result is, two weeks (13 day) before my test I feel confident that I will succeed! Otherwise I simply wouldn't have tested.
  14. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    You sound extremely dedicated and hard working and i wish you all the best for your grading.
  15. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    Thank you Lorraine! I look forward to sharing my results with you all! -M
  16. Cory

    Cory New Member

    In my club it's at least a 5 year min. whether you train 1 or 8 times a week.
  17. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    That sounds like TKD tied to the Gregorian calendar rather than ability or dedication...?
  18. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    I started training in TKD in South Korea while in the USArmy. We trained five nights and Saturday afternoons a week and on average the students received their black belts in a year. I was allready a black belt in Tang Soo Do at the time and I trained for two years before taking my TKD black belt test. I was ready after a year but just wanted to continue to train until I believed I was ready. Chuck Norris got his black belt in Tang Soo Do in a year and Joe Louis received his black belt in Gojo Ryu in 8 months. That doesn't really matter does it? If you live to train and train to live....."that's what it is all about!" Master Fahy
  19. Christina

    Christina New Member

    I am currently learning Chil Jung...spelling...grrrr.. love this pattern! It is facinating :)
  20. Christina

    Christina New Member

    and the Paulgue is our earliest forms

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