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Discussion in 'The Video Room' started by Kevin, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Human Weapon was a TV show that shown in 2007. The hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travelled around the world to look at 15 different martial arts. The very last episode, before the show was cancelled, focused on Taekwondo.

    Below you will find the full episode (broken into 5 parts).

    Enjoy :)


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  3. alan thompson

    alan thompson Member

    Fantastic bud.Well posted
  4. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    Always love that show when it was on TV!!!!
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  5. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    I watched this not so long ago and i found it highly entertaining and this is achually what got me back into Taekwondo and reminded me of how good Taekwondo can really be.
    And the Korean girl in part 4 is really cute.
    Thanks for posting.
  6. Joe

    Joe Member

    Lol, I watched this like 3 days ago, was pretty cool to see where it all came from. Also, how different it is from the origin of the art o_O That would never happen here
  7. NoBullShitFighting

    NoBullShitFighting Active Member

    The thing i reacted to in this program was the fact that they pretend ITF doesn't exist.
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  8. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    Ah I just discovered there was a second show started on the same principles as the human weapon called "fight quest". I have watched 13 full episodes in the time span of a week. This is one of those series I like better than the original. See the link below and enjoy!
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  9. Foggy

    Foggy Active Member

    The next time someone tells me how invalid TKD is in real world I am going to show them this. Fantastic and really shows the power of TKD.

    "ohh but you use padding and protection", Dude that's because if you don't someone will probably die!
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