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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Evildwarf, Nov 18, 2017.

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    I started studying several different martial arts with the aim of rounding out my fight game. I studied Jeet Kune Do and Khali, began boxing and Muay Thai and recently returned to my TKD dojang for a sparring session and discovered a most interesting phenomena. Instead of a fluid and dynamic cross pollination of styles I was largely paralyzed by over thinking as I shifted mentally from one style or attribute to another. I would adjust the style according to a strategic aim so to speak but the overall result was not what I had anticipated. "Too many minds" (great line from the Last Samurai). The differing styles are fun and weaving them together will take way more skill and training than I have now but it is a worthy pursuit.
  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

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    Uniting multiple disciplines isn't something that can magically happen, especially if your level of expertise are not even. In my experience, I learn other martial arts with TKD in mind, hence I basically always think in TKD (my intention was only to find out how TKD should react in order to counter their movements), but my automatic movement might be influenced by other martial arts. This is how other styles help in TKD sparring. If you learn them individually, where each grows on its own, but you use anything other than TKD in a TKD sparring, you will face difficulty as you have to adapt the movements into TKD sparring rules, which might not always fit. This gets worse as you already know TKD rules. For instance, you might react automatically using elbow strike as commonly used in Muay Thai, but your mind knows it is forbidden in TKD sparring, hence your body refrains from using it, making you paralyzed at that very moment, where your opponent might hit right away.
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    Yes good thoughts....I totally get what you mean by being paralyzed in the moment, there is a moment in time where the body cannot react because the brain is in a the way....
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    I don't think I could practice multiple martial arts at once or at different times! So I envy you in there. I know a few people who are actually doing multiple ones all at once, and it's crazy!! But I can see why you would do it by this post, especially if you end up finding yourself in a situation outside the dojang!

    I could have swore I posted this reply last night... it was still here ... so I must not have :(
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    I saw this post just now and I have to say it is the best I have encountered this last year. There aree interesting points and I see how one can get "paralyzed". We were sparring without rules the other day , no gear or anything and I ducked to avoid a punch to the head... thats when a knee hit my head :p . I believe it takes a great deal of training in order to be able to distinct between fighting with different (or no) rules. Same thing goes in using different styles.

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