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  1. Rick Farrell

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    Hey everyone
    the name's Rick from Richmond Hill, Ontario. I am a green belt taking adult classes in Oakridges at All Star Martial Arts World under the leadership of Master Matt Ross (Canadian Heavy Weight).

    I started teakwondo after enrolling my eight year old son. It was always a dream of mine to study the arts and now I have been fortunate to find an amzaing school and an incredible art in Taekwondo. I've been a student for almost a year and am very serious about becoming a great student.

    My ultimate goal is to continue Takwindo well into my old age and appreciate the wonderful opportunities and lessons learning through this unique art.

    As a 38 year old x-soccer and volleyball player, I can appreciate the hard work and dedication needed to study the pomse, sparring and self defence techniques. My coaches are highly skilled and motivating!
    Since starting, I've dropped several pounds, quit smoking and revitalized my body with healthier food choices, more rest and a work out unparallel to any workout I've ever endured.

    Taekwondo has become a major part in my life and in my family's life and i hope one day, i can teach others to appreciate the art as well.

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  2. tigerfitness

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    taekwondo realy is so much more than a sport it's a way of living! glad to see some one who truly loves it as much as I do!
  3. Mark Greene

    Mark Greene New Member

    Rick , Welcome brother. You'll love Taekwondo more and more everyday. Stay strong!!

    Mark Greene 4th dan
  4. Dirk Ebener

    Dirk Ebener New Member

    Hello everyone, My name is Dirk from Kennesaw, Georgia, USA. I am a blue belt, taking adult classes at Dae Han Martial Arts in Acworth under Head Master Min Su Seo.
    I started Tae Kwon Do after we enrolled our daughter in November of 2011. I decided that it was time to get back into sports, and using Tae Kwon Do to be involved in her sports twice a week. I travel frequently and have trained throughout the US, as well as in Germany and Mexico.
    I plan to continue Tae Kwon Do well into my old age. The sports has offered me many wonderful opportunities. I have met people from all over the world, continue to make new friends, as far as Pakistan, and appreciate the opportunities and lessons I learn every day. My health and fitness level continues to improve. Since January of 2012 I have dropped over 30 lbs and have accomplished my focus on my diet.
    Taekwondo is part of our family life. We plan on going to South Korea in the summer of 2014. There is a lot to learn and I enjoy the daily challenges.

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