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  1. darylb11005

    darylb11005 New Member

    Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself to the forums. I've recently restarted TKD after taking about a 4 year break from it (though doing other stuff in the meantime: karate, aikido, kickboxing). I've come to the conclusion that TKD is the most satisfying art for me right now. The dojang also happens to be just a few blocks from my home, and that ain't bad. ;)
  2. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Hello & welcome :) glad to hear you are back into TKD. I agree, of the various things I have tried TKD seems to be the most satisfying for me too.
  3. Hi

    Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your TKD journey

    Many Thanks

  4. darylb11005

    darylb11005 New Member

    Thank you all for the welcome. I am very glad to be back in TKD, and with a club of the same lineage/affiliation as the club I trained with years ago.

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