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    Is there any move in the forms/patterns that really has you stumped as to the application.

    The move then when you ask your seniors they said "it's art" then quickly walk away to punch the heavy bag a few times to reassure themselves that they actually know TKD.

    The move that when you check official applications, it shows a picturce of someone blocking a flying side kick with their little finger

    The move that when performing the pattern you have difficulty jusifying putting power into, Becasue it just feels wrong

    The move that quite frankly your life would be better off without

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    Not anymore, but I've been on interesting journeys with a few movements:

    Wesanteul Makki - what was it blocking?
    Santeul Makki - what was it blocking?
    Arae Hecheo Makki - what was it blocking?
    Momtong Hecheo Makki - difficult to make it work against a strangle
    Otgoreo Arae Makki - not happy stopping an apchagi to the groin with this
    Keumgang Makki - what was it blocking?
    Gawi Makki - what was it blocking?
    Kodeureo Sonnal Makki - why the back hand?
    The Yeop Chagi with Meejoomeok Chigi to Pyojeok Palkeup Chigi sequence in O Jang - why the meejoomeok when the range was wrong
    The open hand low Pyonsonkkeut Chigis in Koryo - difficult to use in reality, especially against someone in jeans
    Anpalmok Momtong Bakkat Hecheo Makki - seemed too weak

    If addressed my questions now, sometimes with alternative applications to those in the Textbook. But those movements were challenging for a while. I'm confident (through pressure testing) that I have a few viable alternatives for each movement, certainly for the Taegeuk series. The Yudanja Forms are still work in progress, obviously.
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