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    SO I learned Juche from a 5th dan ITF practitioner for the first half, I was then told to learn the other half by my GM. I taught myself the patter and then had it looked at by the 5th dan. We had differing opinions on the last few moves. After the jump forward with the face punch and upset punch, what move is next. I taught myself from books and youtube that it was a left hand knife hand strike palm up, the 5th dan says it is a downward life hand strike. My GM says that it has been many years since he learned the pattern and is now unsure himself. So what have you guys learned it as? (I have always done it as a downward knife hand strike at a 45 degree angle to use both interpretations of the pattern)
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    Don't know if it is clear enough in this vid, but I can think of no one better to take points off in they Absence of direct questions
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    The 2nd last movement in Juche is a front downward strike with the left knifehand. The palm should be facing the side... The attacking tool is the knifehand blade. The attack should be inline with the left shoulder and the striking tool should be at shoulder height. It is a reverse strike in a right walking stance... The right hand should be pulled back to the hip.

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