Just started Taekwondo - Flexibility problem.

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Milos89, May 28, 2016.

  1. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Hello all here :).

    I started to train Taekwondo 3 months ago and i have some flex. problems on high kick and raising legs up. I am a bit old 27 years 180cm/ 79kg. I allways wanted to train this martial art, I never had some injury problems like bone break, muscle injury etc. But my main problem I can't do good bandal chagi because I cant lift my leg up. I do streching like every second day after good warmup. I also condisering to make that split machine for home training. Any good advice for some bellow average flexibility problems?
    I hate when in my head I want to do many diferent kick's but can't because I need first to achieve flex problems.

    Thanks in advance :).
  2. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz; Amazon ebook is under $10 American. It is a very good buy for the info. It has it's flaws but is well worth the money. I started back into my kuk sool hapkido about 3 years ago and have followed Kurz's advice
    for almost 2 years. I cannot do the splits (I am 48 now) but I have a good fast kick almost as high as my shoulder, with very good but not perfect form (yet), and my acceleration is tonnes better from his correct advice.

    Machines for splits are not worth the paper $$ is printed on.
  3. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Is there some kind of demo or demonstration few pages for that book? Money it's not a problem for a book. I have problem like when trying to practise for split's I have problem to extend foot more ( left or right one). Its like i reached maximum, and the only option to practise is on some slipy floor, but i need to hold on some chair just in case...
    Also I know the practise is the mother of all skills. When i do daily streching, first i go run like 3x300m then raise leg one by one, after that i do 20 second's hold on split, and trying to reach max.
  4. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Did you do dynamic stretching well? Here's a good video from Aaron Gassor:

    If you live in UK, you might be able to contact him directly.
  5. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Thanks Mario for video :). I will check it and try to that. I heard of dynamic stretching from friend, he told me tha'ts good for me too.
    I am from Serbia, I wish some people make videos like Aaron.
  6. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    A good TKD Master would tell you to never use a stretching machine, not unless you like the hospital, such a bad idea.
    Just give it time...
  7. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    I am not the most flexible person in he world. However, running will tighten your hamstrings. If you run before you stretch you will be stretching a tense muscle.

    Try gentle-ish leg swings to allow the muscle to relax more and learn that it is OK to go to that level. Alot of stretching is mental. If you have it in your head that you are not flexible, and you are worried, your muscle will tense up to protect itself from being over stretched.

    Dynamic, then static stretches will help. Followed by some isomentic/pnf stretching to strengthen the muscle so it doesn't have to contract so much.

    Dynamic stretching (kicking ) and static stretching (holding the side splits) are different but there is some cross over.
  8. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Ohh thanks for advice man, I will try my best for it. Also I didnt know if I run first then strech its not that efective. I think what you want to say. I need to do stretching before to relax muscle, and after workout.
  9. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Me and my students run before stretching. In fact, we use running as a way to heat up to reduce the chance of injury. Cold stretching, as I've experienced, may increase flexibility faster. I was told by my sport teacher back in high school to do sole grabbing with legs straight (does this have any name?) right after I wake up. Indeed in the afternoon, I can do the same move much easier with much less pain on my back (no pain anymore now, but if you're new, you might feel it). However, as I have tried as well, cold stretching has higher chance for causing injury. It is therefore if you decide to do it, do it slowly with as little force as possible. Both of my hamstrings have been the victim of my impatience. My longest injury was the right one, for 2 years. Latest was also right, for 4 months. I "only" injured my left one twice, while the right one thrice.
  10. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    I am sorry to hear for yours injury... Yea i started with cold stretching first, and many of them told me to run or do somenthing else to warm up. Today in the morning i just done some easy cold streching like pull leg up, and some yoga style :). For main stretching like after running, i need more time to warmup first. Yea I know the diference betwen cold and hot stretching, I allways do stretch to the little pain point and stop. I hope this will give me good result soon to rasie leg higher. Last TKD training i managed to rotate my kne and foot properly, but kick is still under belt :(. My coach told me its better to do 100% correct but low, then do 30% high. He told me my gluteus wasnt active long time, so I need to train and stretch to activate that muscle again to avoid injuries.
  11. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Obrada 1.jpg Last day I had Yellow belt test. I finished it with grade 8.4 / 10 :). My next goal is to chase higher yellow belt and to gain more flex soon.
  12. Raymond

    Raymond Active Member

    You have to just give it time. Everyone's body is different and to whatever degree of flexibility nature you gifted or cursed you will take time to reveal itself.

    I am a HUGE Bill Wallace fan and his "stretching" routines changed the way I look at it. Stretching isn't even really the most accurate thing to call it since you can't "make a muscle longer". Bill says you have to take time every day teaching your muscles to relax at or near the point of their max. When you take a stretch and get to your max on it and then allow your muscle to relax and lose its tenseness, then it will begin to go past that point without pain or injury. At least that's what he tried to show us when I went to one of his seminars.

  13. MattyTKD

    MattyTKD New Member

    Hi milos, i have the same flexibility problem when i was a white belt(now i'm a green belt) and i resolved with a cold streacing every day :)
  14. Milos89

    Milos89 New Member

    Ohh I am glad to hear that someone else pass the problem I have :). Can you please share how was your routine streching on cold muscle?
  15. tommypress

    tommypress New Member

    Instead of just going for regular fitness or stretching programs, try and see what helps your cause. The best training is the one you can always do comfortably.

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