Kempo Karate guys look like TKD fighters?

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    I don't know how closely my TKD friends follow Kickboxing and MMA, but there has been a resurgence of Kempo Karate with the successes of Stephen "wonderboy" Thompson and Raymond Daniels. Granted, Daniels holds 5th degree black belt in ITF TaeKwonDo (not too shabby!) so that would explain his sidekick propensity in fights. Stephen Thompson however is not a TKD stylist, and from what I read online, American Kempo Karate emphasizes mostly low kicks.. Yet Thompson fights exactly like a TKD guy with lots of sidekick and side-on stances.

    So what's the deal here? Have Kempo guys like Thompson branched out, or why does he look like a TaeKwonDo fighter, in a style that is not known for flashy kicking at all. It's a self-defence, street oriented system.

    Anybody trained American Kempo and can set the record straight?
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    I assume you are a referring to Kenpo, the Japanese/Okinawan arts that American Kenpo grew from, not the Chinese Kempo. I do not follow MMA but I would think that he did as Bruce Lee did: started using things not normally found in his root system.
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    It reads Kempo, that is with an m, on Thompsons wikipage
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    I was was going by the history I recall from years ago in the the original story was that kenpo is as I informed while kempo was Chinese. The newest is that the N spelling is related to Ed Parker while the M spelling is the K.S Cho lineage.
    somewhat, now. :)
  5. Pleonasm

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    Here's a good representation of how they fight:

    Daniels loses the fight, but does win the first round easily.

  6. Pleonasm

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    Sorry, Daniels is a Kukkiwon 5th degree, not ITF.

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