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  1. Brent Read

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    Curly question. In all the videos I've seen of Keumgang, including the Kukkiwons' own

    Juchum Seogi is about 4 feet wide. Bit confusing when "The explanation of official taekwondo poomsae states that Juchum Seogi is only 2 feet apart. The book and the video are Ikpil, Kang. You can clearly see him turn his foot at one part of the video straight after Juchum Seogi so 4 feet wide is conservative.
  2. Oerjan

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    It is difficult to say just how far the feet are apart in the video. 2 feet apart in juchum seogi has been the explanation in all "official" publications I have seen since 2006 (Kukkiwon Textbook, Official explanation of Poomsae, What is Taekwondo Poomsae, Complete Taekwondo Poomsae, Kukkiwon Textbook: Taekwondo Poomsae).

    I was taught 2 feet apart in Korea in 2007, but I was corrected numerous times to have a little more Width between them during Poomsae. It was explained that the two feet apart was only a general guidline, individual practisioners had to adapt according to their body type. You can be 7 feet tall and have a size 8 in shoes. Two feet apart would be too little for that individual.

    The Width of the stances are there to teach how to move Your center of gravity as well as optimal structure.
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  3. Brent Read

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    Cheers. Good answer. I guess as long as you're consistent and finish within the one foot of your start you'd be ok then.
  4. Gnarlie

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    I have had similar experiences, contradictory information from a number of sources, with the main point being 'do what is comfortable and natural for your body shape'. The exception to this would be poomsae competition, where the guidelines can be somewhat absurdly strict in this respect.
  5. Brent Read

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    Ok, I should be clear. It is for Poomsae competition where I thought they would be absurdly strict for competition.
    So for Poomsae competition is it exactly the distance of your own 2 feet as the books quote.
  6. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I would recommend locating a recently qualified Poomsae judge in your country and asking them this question. Watching international high level poomsae competition, it doesn't look like people stick to the 2 feet guideline - it looks like they do what's comfortable within an acceptable tolerance - though I'm not sure how far away from the guideline you could wander before it would result in a deduction. My feeling is that a deduction is unlikely so long as the stance is practical, consistent and under the control of the practitioner, i.e. it does not interfere with their grace and balance control, and does not look unwieldy.

    The guidelines for competition are generally more stringent than those of your average KKW club, and grass roots level KKW clubs that don't a) regularly compete in poomsae comps and b) have qualified judges within their instructor ranks, are not likely to know / adhere to the competition standard.

    If you want to know and understand the competition requirements, it's up to you to get yourself to the relevant seminars / find the right teachers, I'm afraid. This may involve travelling within and outside your country.
  7. Brent Read

    Brent Read New Member

    Cheers, Just trying to learn and teach my students the "one and only way" that would see them right in any competition, be it at a local poomsae competition or an International one.

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