Kukkiwon Poomsae?

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    Can anyone direct me to a resource specifying the creators of the Kukkiwon yudanja poomsae?
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    The Palgwe and Judanja Poomsae were made in 1965-1967 (with the exception of Koryo which was replaced by a "new" Koryo in 1972) by a comitte of KTA members. The original comitte consisted of:

    • Kwak Kun Sik (Chung Do Kwan/ Captain of millitary academy and therefore also Oh Do Kwan)
    • Park Hae Man (Chung Do Kwan)
    • Hyun Jong Myun (Chung Do Kwan/ Oh Do Kwan)
    • Lee Yong Sup (Song Moo Kwan)
    • Lee Kyo Yun (Yoon Moo Kwan/ and founder of Han Moo Kwan)
    • Kim Son Bae (Chang Moo Kwan)
    These were the men responsible for the Palgwe, original Koryo and the rest of the current black belt forms of KTA/Kukkiwon recognized by the WTF.

    Taegeuk and the "new" Koryo was developed by the same comitte whith the addition of:
    • Bae Yong Ki (Ji Do Kwan)
    • Lee Chong Woo (Ji Do Kwan)
    • Han Young Tae (Moo Duk Kwan)
    I hope this helps :)

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