Learning 5 poomsae in less than three weeks

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  1. Rugratzz

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    I agree, but with respect, its not so much the power I am interested in, it was simply learning the correct order. I as you can see the problem I face, its the short period of time I have to learn them. I will of course be getting tuition from my instructor on how it should be delivered, such as where and when he wants me to pause/increase power/ and the correct positioning.

    As I have asked others, any help would be very welcome

  2. Gnarlie

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    This is actually a reasonably recently produced set of videos from Kukkiwon. The demonstrators in these videos are the Kukkiwon Educational Team. The videos are for demonstration purposes, but the manner in which the poomsae are performed is absolutely normal for Kukkiwon standard. I can see power there. You have to be familiar with the poomsae and the power generation techniques used within KKW TKD to detect it. It's waist twist, but at higher dan grades it is almost invisible, even though there's a massive amount of power in the techniques. One aspect if the performance of poomsae is retention of dignity and poise - it should not look like a struggle.
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  3. John Hulslander

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    Well stated Gnarlie, it would be hard to agree more.
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  4. Mark 42

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    For me, it works best to practice several each time (I need to know all 8 for my next test).
    I started my review by doing two or three each day, a few times each.
    Now I do all 8 almost every time I practice, with more repetitions on the
    ones which are giving me trouble (oddly, it varies quite randomly for me)

    If you have an Android phone, I recommend this app
    It takes a little getting used to - navigation to the poomses is a little unintuitive.
    Make sure you have WiFi the first time you download them.
    Once you do that, you can find them in the android data, and make copies of the videos
    in a folder on your phone and view them with the video player, which is easier & full screen.

    Also, I like a guy name "Taekwonwoo" on Youtube - he breaks them down, which is nice.

    I have word docs of all of the poomses - I re-wrote them from PDF files to put them
    in a format I like (stance before action - I need to know what my feet do before I know
    what my hands do, so I transposed - and shortened the verbiage, since I use them for review.

    Problem is, my final finished versions are on my PC at work - I did my last refinement
    of them on my lunch hours just before the holiday. I wil email them home when I go back to work.
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  5. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Thanks Mark, Yea I have found him out as well, he does waffle on a bit but his videos are useful. Just DL the App only played about with it for a while.

    I have DL loads of videos. I am going to ask to see if I can extend the time I have by a week, really struggling with them, the techniques are fine, but is tying them together that I am having problems with.

  6. Spykakos

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    I quit TKD 10 years ago and started it 2 months ago and I have currently learned 6 poomsae forms but I wasn't ready to take the grading test. I will be taking the test this May though. I think that you should actually take your time and learn the poomsae one by one without any anxiety or frustration. What's the hurry anyway?
  7. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Long story short been involved in MA for many years. My children started tkd last year and got the bug. I was a third dan another style I wanted to start at the beginning. my instructor wants me to start at blue/red belt. So he told me to learn the forms for a grading in jan and then take the normal grading in march. So I am under a time scale. He is not worried about my techniques as I have worked on them to make them more tkd ish. Over the last few months.

    To be honest I quite enjoy being a lowly white belt.

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